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3 design tips to make your post more effective

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Here at Ripl, our team is constantly thinking about ways to be more effective on social media. From the latest trends, to new research and observations, our team is experimenting so that we can pass our findings to you, fellow business owners just like us.

This week our Design Team had a few recommendations to put your best-foot-forward when it comes to making your posts even better. Here are three tips to make your content exceptional!

Coordinate the Colors in Your Post

Creating color harmony is one of the most effective ways to make your posts more noticeable. If you aren’t using your brand colors in your post, you should try matching the colors within your post.

One way to create harmony is to match the colors you use for your graphic elements – such as fonts or overlays – with your background image.

You can find the exact color from your photo using iDropper(iOS) or Pipette(Android), which will provide you with a hex code – the six digit code that identifies an exact color on the color wheel. In the Ripl app you can enter your hex code when in the color picker.

Matching the banner color with the pink color from the dress ribbon or the flower, helps the post look pleasant and appealing.

little girl

Utilize both text fields for your title layout

Some templates in the Ripl app provide two independent draggable and resizable boxes for the primary and secondary text fields. Dividing your title between the two text fields will give you additional flexibility that you can use to offset the sizing and positioning to make your layout more interesting.

Even breaking-up a title between the boxes can be an effective way to add emphasis to part of the statement.


Make use of angles & rotation to add visual interest

Angles are eye-catching! You can maximize your post’s visual appeal by using photos that have an interesting perspective and by using templates that make use of angles and rotation. Here are some examples of photos that use dramatic perspective.

Ripl images

Many of our templates are already designed with angles but some templates also allow you to rotate the photos and text elements within the design to fabricate your own angles and add some zest to an otherwise bland presentation. Use two fingers to rotate design elements.

Ripl examples

What are you waiting for? Get posting and experiment with these tips on your next Ripl creation!


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