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3 ways to save time on posts

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

We get it; running a business is time consuming, and you are not always thinking about what you should be posting to social media. Yet if you find yourself going weeks without a post, you have probably lost some great opportunities to show off what is going on in your business. Even worse, you may have lost out on an opportunity to find new customers.

Save Time

In order to stay on top of social media but not waste time trying to think of what to post, here are three ways Ripl helps you to stay ahead!

1. Inspire Feed

This Ripl feature was specifically created to save you time by providing suggestions for what to post. Each day there are three new ideas for post topics; each idea features three designs! This means that every day Ripl provides you with 9 post inspirations that you can share with your followers.

Furthermore, within the inspire feed you can swipe left and right to see post topics for past and future dates. This means that within the inspire feed there are nearly 50 posts you can use as a starting point to share right away or to schedule for later.

Watch the video below to see how to scroll between days to find personalized ideas; each featuring three designs!

Ripl app

2. Scheduling Posts

Speaking of saving time, scheduling posts is a great way to get ahead in posting, by taking advantage of the time that you have available. You can use the time when you are free to create multiple posts, and then schedule them to appear throughout the week. You can prepare posts for important upcoming events ahead of time when it’s convenient for you, and schedule them to post when they will have the most impact.

If you are wondering when the best time to schedule is, make sure to read this blog by clicking here!

Ripl app

3. Stock Images

Another great way to save time is by avoiding the hassle of taking the perfect picture. With stock photos, you don’t have to worry about whether you have just the right lighting or format; you can find what you like with just a click to download it from the web. You can search for photos that are royalty-free and can be used in your posts without copyright issues.

There are tons of great stock photo sites that feature free pictures. Listed below are some of the stock photo sites we recommend.


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