4 ways to show your customers love this month

Updated: May 29, 2020

With Valentine’s coming up, February is a good time to show your customers some love. As a small business, it’s crucial to cultivate that feeling of appreciation for your customers. Here are our best suggestions on ways to show your customers love this month…

love as balloon

Offer deals

For your loyal customers, a significant way to show appreciation is to offer them deals. You can offer discounts to loyal customers, like a simple stamp card for your business, where they are rewarded for multiple purchases with a free or discounted item. You can also offer a buy one, get one free deal for customers. Both of these incentivize customers with the fact that the more they purchase from you, the more they save.

Creative deals can be offered to show love in other ways. You can offer new customers a minor discount for their very first purchase. Here’s another example, you could donate your proceeds from a purchase to a charity (you can find America’s top charities here). You can even offer discounts for customer birthdays!

Here’s an example of deal you could offer, try this design here:

An example of a deal you could offer


Besides discounts, there are other types of rewards you can offer for your customers. For your most loyal customers, you can give them a referral bonus for every new customer they refer to you. You can also run an after-hours event that customers can attend, like a girls night out, where female customers can receive exclusive discounts for your products. At these special events, you can offer gifts or giveaway drawings for customers.

Another event idea, especially if you’re a real estate agent or work in financial services, is a client appreciation party! It is a fun way to bond with your clients and let them know you want them to stay in your network.

Here’s a Ripl post perfect for girls night:

An example event you can post

Social + Email

There are a lot of ways you can show your customers love on social media. You can write thank you posts, thanking customers for visiting your business or helping you to reach a new sales goal. You can look for your most loyal customers who follow you on your sites, and follow them back. You can run a social media giveaway for one of your products. Easiest of all, you can reply to positive comments online and let them know that their love is appreciated!

Another way to earn some customer goodwill is to keep them in the loop – either on social media or by way of email newsletters. Customers do feel seen and appreciated when they receive regular communication from a business.

Here’s a Ripl template that you can use to announce news:

An example of business news you can share with customers

The in-store experience

If you have a brick and mortar business, you can show customers love through the in-store experience. Offer free samples to customers if you provide food or personal care products. Have a community board advertising local events. Another way to show your customers love is to loosen up your return policy. Give customers a generous month to return items, depending on the product. Customers will feel taken care of through a good in-store experience.

Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you on ways to show your customers some love this February!



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