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5 Instagram Reels ideas for businesses

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

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When it comes to Reels, there are endless possibilities to the types of content you can create and if you haven’t started, the time is now.

Consumers are expecting to see their favorite brands using video on social media for both product information as well as entertainment. Keep reading for 5 ways that businesses are using Reels as well as ideas to apply to your marketing plan.

Idea #1: Shopping guide

Customers and prospective customers often head to social media to research a company and its products. With the holidays coming up, what better way to help them than with content that gives more information about your products and services? This shopping guide from The INKEY List provides a shopping guide on which of their eye creams works best for different skin types.

This Reel checks all the boxes: informative, entertaining, and helps a customer decide on what to purchase.

Shopping guide Reel ideas for your business:

  • Market updates

  • Home tours

  • Best product for your goals

  • Products that work well together

  • Which service package is best for you

  • Bundled offers and savings

Idea #2: Ways to use your product or service

Does your product have multiple ways to use it or is it customizable? Reels are a great place to show it off. This Reel from Flodesk is simple but effective in showing off all the ways their forms are customizable for many different types of businesses.

This works because this Reel shows the versatility of their product and ultimately gives a visual of what is possible for your own business.

Ways to use your product or service Reel ideas for your business:

  • How you can help find their dream home

  • 3 uses for your product

  • How to style your product

  • Client results

  • Benefits of hiring you

Idea #3: Tips and tricks

Another popular Reel trend is educating your audience through tips and tricks. Not only does it inform them but it is also a powerful sales tool to make them feel more empowered to purchase with you. Package Free uses a Reel for tips on using one of their most popular products.

This Reel gets extra points for using an intriguing title highlighting the “unexpected uses” for their product.

Tips and tricks Reel ideas for your business:

  • Tips for first time home buyers,

  • How to find the best deal

  • Tips to properly care for your product

  • Little known fact related to your industry

  • How to get from A to B

Idea #4: Show how it’s made

Call it curiosity or being nosey, but people love to know what goes on behind the perfectly curated image social media famously portrays. Salt & Straw Ice Cream share a drool-worthy Reel of how one of their most popular flavors is made.

Not only is this Reel taking you behind the scenes but it encourages customers to engage with it by having them guess which flavor they are creating.

How it’s made Reel ideas for your business:

  • Behind the scenes of selling a house

  • Cooking a recipe

  • Packing mailers of product

  • Product details or textures

  • Day in the life

Idea #5: Just for fun

When in doubt—have fun! Reels are a place on social media to be authentic and show off your personality to your followers. Incorporating parts of your life not typically related to your business can feel fresh like this example from Founders Brewing Co.

This example works because it still shows off their product but instead of being salesy, it’s done in a creative and entertaining way. Also, who doesn’t love an extra dose of dogs in their feed?

Just for fun Reel ideas for your business:

  • Celebrating recent sales or wins with clients

  • Unique house architecture

  • Behind the scenes with your team

  • Putting your own spin on a trending audio


Social media channels are continuing to prioritize video content on their platforms, here are 7 more video ideas for your marketing.


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