7 Ideas for using video in your social media marketing

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Are you scrolling social media thinking simple words and pictures are feeling a little… flat? If you’ve spent any time on social media it’s hard to scroll through without seeing an Instagram Story video or fun TikTok on your feed.

As social platforms continue to introduce new mediums to share videos and prioritizing video content on their platforms, it has become clear that adding video into your content marketing is important. Using video in your social media brings more life to your content and helps you stand out to your followers.

Keep reading for 7 easy ideas on where you can start using video in your social media marketing.

Idea 1: Share quick tips and mini trainings

Whether you’re new or seasoned on video, sharing quick tips and mini trainings are an easy and effective way to use video in your social media marketing plans. Pull from your knowledge, experience and even case studies to get started.

Quick tips work because they are a resource for customers that can be saved for later reference and they help to build your authority in your industry.

When creating these types of videos, keep “quick” and “mini” top of mind. The aim is to create a quick “aha moment” for the viewer. If you notice yourself starting to get too detailed or the video too long, it’s likely that you can break the topic down further and get more mileage out of it.

Redfin shares 3 quick facts in an easy to follow video. It is informative and, coming in at under 2 minutes, is short enough to hold the viewer’s attention.

Idea 2: Answer industry-specific questions

Whether you’re creating video or written posts, you don’t always need to look far for new inspiration. Tap into the questions your customers commonly ask! What questions are you always answering in your inbox? What questions do you commonly see your competitors answering on social media?

This is a win-win because your customers get the answers they need and you save time in the future by having a resource to direct them to.

EyeBuy Direct created a video demystifying a complicated topic while still making it fun and shareable. Even if you don’t have the resources for high production, think about how you can answer more complicated questions in a concise and easy to understand way.

Idea 3: Showcase your product

With ecommerce and online shopping, customers miss out on the experience of hands-on shopping. Bridge this gap by using product video in your social media marketing.

Video adds more dimension and life to your products and allows customers to make more informed purchase decisions. For example, customers can see how jewelry shines in the light, how clothes fit with movement and how smoothly a lotion applies.

Catbird shows off their jewelry in lighting and how it looks worn with other jewelry so a customer has a better idea of how they might style it.

Idea 4: Show a tutorial

When it comes to learning how to DIY or learn a new skill, users are quick to reference tutorial videos for a comprehensive look at how to do it. Tutorials and demos help to empower your customers to get the most out of your product or do something in your industry.

When sharing tutorials on social media, the trick is to make sure your videos are informative while also being short enough to be engaging.

Makeup companies like Coloured Raine use video tutorials to showcase their products while also teaching a skill.

Idea 5: Take your audience behind the scenes

People love to see how the products they are buying are made and who the people behind the brand are. It works because it allows followers to feel a sense of exclusivity. This level of transparency promotes trust and builds a connection they might not otherwise have.

The biggest thing to remember for brainstorming behind the scenes content you may want to create is to not underestimate all the work you do behind the scenes! Tasks that feel mundane or monotonous to you are actually interesting for your customers!

Some examples include:

  • Home office tour