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6 ways to boost your business on social media this summer

6 ways to boost your small business on social media this summer

Unless you’re lucky enough to be scooping ice cream (looking at you, Oskeys), your business, like many others, may experience a slowdown during the summer months.

Here are 6 ways to boost your sales and keep things fresh for your customers on social media.

1. Promote a summer collection or offering

These templates will get you off to a great start. Just pick a design, customize and share!

2. Invite followers to an exclusive summer event

Whether it’s online or in-person, create exclusivity for your followers by only posting the event details via social media.

3. Give TikTok or Instagram Reels a try

Pick one of these vertical templates that are Tiktok and Reels-friendly, then use a trending song for the audio. Have fun with it!

4. Post your summer travel tips

Lots of people are traveling this time of year, so posting travel tips or even sharing content from your own vacation is going to be very on-brand for the summer.

5. Share “behind the scenes” content

Employee profiles, video bloopers, a huge stack of orders… people love getting a “real” peek into day-to-day business.

6. Get creative with your sales

Tie a sale into a color, vacation destination, or summer event. Or, group items into various summer-themed bundles at a discount. Time to get creative!


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