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A sweet business with a sweet story: How Oskey's finds community and customers on social media

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Here at Ripl, our goal is simple: to help small businesses succeed on social media. We love hearing about how these businesses find creative ways to grow their presence on social. As we look back on an exceptionally challenging past year, we have been encouraged and inspired by all the ways the small biz community is using social media.

One such inspiring story comes from Dan, the owner of an ice cream truck called Oskey’s and his social media manager, Stephanie on how they use social media to bring sweet treats to local families and children.

A small business with a product as sweet as its origin and mascot

Despite its negative aspects, the pandemic did provide a silver lining: carrying on a family tradition. At first glance, it might look like any other ice cream truck, but once you look closer, you’ll notice its unique branding with close ties to Dan’s life.

“My father, Oscar “Oskey” Sager, was an ice cream man for over 40 years in Napa, Lake, and Yolo counties. He retired in 2012. I have wonderful memories of the joy it brought to family and friends.”

When 2020 came along, fond memories turned into a new business opportunity.

“In 2020, I decided to continue the tradition here in Petaluma, California. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience being a part of so many events and celebrations in this community. It’s a sweet life!”

The face of the brand is the owner’s dog Fred, a small dog with a big personality, and clear customer appeal.

How social media helped Oskey’s become a neighborhood favorite

When he first started out, Dan didn’t immediately prioritize using social media to grow Oskey’s business. Once it was clear that COVID-19 wasn’t going away, he knew he needed to pivot to reach new customers.

“I realized that I needed a strong social media presence in order to reach the community I had just moved to, and to introduce and market my business.”

That is where his social media manager, Stephanie came in to help. Oskey's now has a Facebook and Instagram page for social media marketing and for connecting with the community.

How Ripl made social media easier for Oskey’s

Once Oskey’s realized the power of social media for their business, Ripl templates and scheduling made it even easier to post consistent and eye-catching content.

“Within days, we saw the number of followers increase.”

Facebook and Instagram became the easiest and fastest way to connect with new and existing customers.

“Customers began to ask where we would be located each day, and also booked us for events and parties. We continue to grow each day.”

Advice for other small business owners trying to use social media to reach their customers

We know that social media is a tool that can be used by every small business to reach their customers, make sales, and increase brand awareness. However, these kinds of results don’t happen without consistency and strategy. We asked Stephanie what Oskey’s approach to social media is, and got this advice: keep personal and business accounts separate.

“While it is fun to share photos of, let’s say, your latte or puppy, I believe every post should convey what your business is truly about. In our case, ice cream.”

Focusing on what your business does or sells doesn’t have to limit what you can post. Dan recommends sharing a variety of posts.

“Keeping our posts focused on ice cream - photos, facts, and trivia - keeps our customers interested and engaged. Ripl allows you to use fun, creative, and colorful graphics to share your latest post.”


You can connect with Oskey’s on Instagram and Facebook.

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