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9 holiday Instagram or Facebook story ideas for your small business

9 holiday instagram and facebook story ideas for small businesses

So you've nailed down your holiday content plans for the main feed on your social media channels and you've produced professional posts and timely messages about your business for the holiday season, but what the heck do you put in your Instagram stories or Facebook stories?

If you're running into a roadblock on what to post in your stories, or you're just looking for inspiration, we're here to help!

We rounded up nine categories of social media Story ideas for your small business this holiday season. Keep reading for inspiration and holiday story template examplesand try out one of these story ideas in your next Instagram or Facebook Story.

1. Share a gift guide

Gift guides are super popular and super helpful around the holidays! Post a gift guide with your products to your stories and be sure to add a link to all the included products!

2. Post holiday decorating tips

Did you decorate your home, your home office, shop, or a home you have listed? Share a video in stories and show your followers your expert seasonal decorating skills!

3. Launch a product or service

The holidays are a great time to launch a new product or introduce a new service. Before you launch, be sure to post a message about it to your Instagram stories and Facebook stories to build hype. Then, on launch day post again!

4. Spread the love and show your support for other small businesses

Local businesses need support this holiday season! As a small business owner, you know this firsthand. Share a story on social media to pledge small with us this holiday season, and encourage your followers to do the same.

Bonus: tag small businesses you love in your story!

5. Promote a flash sale

Stories disappear after 24 hours, so it's the perfect platform to promote a flash sale. Do a 24 hour promo and only run it while your story lasts for extra exclusivity.

6. Host an event and promote it on stories

It may be a virtual event this year, but that's okay! Advertise your event on your stories leading up to the big day.

7. Run a paid holiday ad

Paid Story ads can get your content in front of more eyes, potentially leading to more leads and more sales. Use a story template from our holiday stories collection and try out a paid story ad this holiday season.

8. Share a festive holiday message

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa—whatever you're celebrating, post a festive message on social media. Tap a story template below to browse its collection and share your own holiday message on Instagram or Facebook stories.

9. Share your New Year's resolutions or year in review

Have you thought about your New Year's resolutions yet? Or maybe you're not a resolutions person and you'd like to reflect on all your business has accomplished in the past year. Tap a story template below to browse our Happy New Year's template collection and share a New Year's story on Instagram or Facebook.



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