Celebrate National Women's Small Business Month on social media

October is National Women's Small Business Month! Now is the time to celebrate your small business, highlight your accomplishments, and uplift and celebrate other women business owners.

Here are four ways you can celebrate National Women's Small Business Month on social media:

1. Share a post to celebrate National Women's Small Business Month

Post a customizable template in October to celebrate National Women's Small Business month.

Two women business professionals talking and smiling

Browse our women-owned small business collection for inspiration!

2. Highlight other women-owned small businesses on social media

Choose some of your favorite women-owned small businesses and highlight them on social media.

Favorite women-owned local small businesses story for Instagram stories or Facebook stories

3. Share some advice for other women-owned small businesses

If you're a small business owner, you've likely learned a lot on your journey! Share some wisdom with other small business owners with a post that includes tips or advice.

Tips for success women owned business social media post template with a variety of women entrepreneurs around a table having a meeting

4. Share your small business story

Highlight your women-owned small business! Whether it's a post about how you got started, your journey, or how you've overcome obstacles on the way, celebrate your achievements and reflect on your time as a small business owner.

Creative woman sewing for her small business social media post template celebrating women in business

Browse our women-owned small business template collection and choose a template to share on social media!

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Share a template for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to honor the women in your life and show your support.



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