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Customer service tips for social media

Customer service tips for social media

If your business is on social media, then you’re probably aware of the importance of having a content strategy—but did you know that having a customer service strategy is also important?

Excellent customer service does more for your business than give your customers a positive experience. It builds trust, loyalty, and can be the difference between someone choosing you over a competitor.

Be proactive about customer service

Give your customers helpful information about your product or service before they can even think to ask. This is what being proactive about customer service means. That way, they can be better informed and get what they need without needing to reach out multiple times.

When creating content to provide proactive customer service, here are some examples of information you can incorporate into your posts:

  • Product or service features

  • Sale details

  • Sizing details

  • Price breakdown

In this example post, notice how The Little Market includes a high quality image and caption that proactively addresses any questions customers may have about the product’s features and materials.

The Little Market Instagram example post

Be a helpful resource

Go above and beyond with your customer service by being a helpful resource for them. The key to this is anticipating your customer’s needs ahead of time.

In this post from Ikea, not only do they answer the customer’s question, but they also provide the item number and where they can find it.

Ikea Instagram example post

Make it easy for customers to communicate with you

There’s nothing worse than getting an automated response to a question that doesn’t actually help you. The best customer service experiences are ones that feel as effortless and authentic as possible. Below are three tips to make it easier and more effective for customers to communicate with you.


When creating customer-facing communications, ensure they are as direct and clear as possible. From your messaging and answers to questions, the aim here is to not leave anything too ambiguous for the customer.

When in doubt while writing, keep it clear, concise, and quick.


Work to ensure you are responding to comments, questions, and direct messages in a timely manner.

After posting to social media, stay online to reply to comments that come in right away and aim to reply within 24 hours to messages after that.


Customers want to know they’re speaking with real people, not robots! Use your brand voice and personality to bring a sense of authenticity to conversations and customer interactions.

Encourage customers to ask questions in the comments in the questions or DMs by using a CTA or Instagram Stories.

Ruggable uses authenticity to share excitement with their customer in this post.

Ruggable Instagram example post


Get more tips on building relationships with your customers by learning how to get leads and how to drive sales using social media.


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