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Do’s and don’ts for social media marketing after COVID-19

We may be moving away from social distancing, but we’re inclined to believe social media is here to stay. As we look forward to a “new normal”, it’s a good idea to reflect on the trends we saw pop up from the impact of COVID-19 on social media marketing for small businesses.

Let’s take a look at some do’s and don’ts that will still apply for social media marketing even after COVID-19.

DO continue sharing authentic content

Due to a lack of in-person interactions and fear about the future, brands that brought an authentic and humanizing voice to their social media content resonated with consumers. With this change came a shift in customer expectations, one that prioritizes user experience and convenience.

Let your business’s core values continue to drive the content you post on social media. Post helpful images, thoughtful captions and comments, and ask your followers for their input. Think about what types of content your customers want to see, and what would benefit them the most.

DON’T be afraid to experiment

Have some fun with your social media marketing! Try out social media trends, new image styles, or switch it up with a video post—Ripl offers a wide selection of stock videos to choose from. Get inspired by what your competitors are doing on social media and add your own twist to your content.

As new social media platforms emerge and current platforms expand their features, like Instagram Reels, don’t be afraid to experiment with them as well. Consider these new social innovations as an opportunity to reach your audience in a new way.

DO continue being transparent with your customers

One of the best social media trends that came from COVID-19 safety protocols was the transparency customers started to see from brands and businesses.

To continue the trend of transparency, consider sharing things like: information about your supply chain, the employees behind your business, how products are produced, and of course how you plan to continue to keep everyone safe and healthy.

DON’T get social media burnout

While we say yes to authenticity and quality time on social media, we also realize how easy it is to get sucked into an hour of mindless scrolling and obsessing over likes and comments. Many small businesses feel burned out between juggling business pivots and keeping up with social media.

COVID-19 reminded us of the importance of prioritizing mental health and taking a break from our phones. Some ways you can prevent burnout are scheduling posts and setting boundaries; set time limits on your highly used apps, and consider fully "checking out" after 8pm.

DO use paid social media advertising

Social media usage rates have continued to rise since the beginning of the pandemic, and more companies recognize the importance of building a strong social media presence. Join the 55% of small businesses increasing their social media marketing impact by branching out into paid social media.

When creating social media ads, make sure they’re interesting, focused on one message at a time, and on-brand with your business.

DON’T stop prioritizing social media marketing

As the power of social media marketing grows, it’s fair to say that the need for small businesses to prioritize it will also grow. Customers have come to expect businesses to help them in their purchase decisions by presenting strong and persuasive social media messaging.



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