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How to de-stress during the holiday shopping season

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

destress during the holiday cozy image with slippers and comfy socks in front of a fireplace

The holidays are a stressful time of year in general – but especially when you’re a business owner. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday®, Cyber Monday, and Christmas – all of these events during the holiday shopping season can stress anyone out. With this in mind, we’ve collected some tips to help you de-stress during this holiday season.

Schedule breaks for yourself

During the middle of shopping season, you may find yourself working non-stop as your store receives more sales. Even if you’re in the middle of the holiday rush, make sure to schedule breaks for yourself every few hours. Try to take at least a 15-minute break, where you can relax or take a walk. It’s amazing how it can reset your energy levels.

Get extra help

If you’re doing everything yourself during the holiday season, it can easily become overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Even if you can’t afford to hire extra staff, ask a friend or family member to help you during the busiest time of year. This can ease your workload and help you get through the holidays in one piece.

Treat yourself

As the saying goes: treat yourself! For all of your hard work this holiday season, make sure to do something special just for you. If there’s been something you’ve been wanting to purchase or something you’ve been wanting to do, reward yourself this holiday season if you can. Even if it’s just grabbing a yummy cup of coffee, treating yourself well will go a long way in de-stressing.

Take care of your body

Another important thing to do during this stressful time of year is to take care of yourself physically. This means staying hydrated, eating a healthy diet, exercising, and sleeping well. If your body is in peak condition, the stress of the holidays will impact you less emotionally and physically.

Sleep is essential

Schedule your marketing posts ahead of time

If you anticipate being maxed out during the holiday season, consider scheduling your social media posts ahead of time. With Ripl Pro, you have the power to schedule all of your posts for a specific date and time, so we’ll automatically share the post for you when the time comes. This means that during the busy holiday season, you can rest easy knowing your marketing work is already covered!

Try to make your work environment relaxing

While you’re working so hard, try to make your environment as peaceful as possible. Put on music you enjoy, arrange your workspace to be soothing, and have snacks ready for yourself. Having a peaceful work environment can help you be less stressed during the holidays.

Volunteer to keep things in perspective

Another way to lower your stress level is to keep things in perspective. Volunteer with a local non-profit, not only to help those in need, but to see what truly matters. Your mind will be off business concerns, which can help mitigate your stress.

Some non-profits you can volunteer for during the holidays: your local food bank, Toys for Tots, and Make A Wish are good places to start!

office shot
Volunteering at your local food bank is a great way to spend the holidays

Do something fun

Another stress-relieving activity is to do something fun. There are plenty of activities that you can try like spending time with your family, seeing a movie, playing a sport, and more! If you still can’t find anything fun to do, try creating a Ripl post – that’s pretty fun in and of itself.

Take time off when everything is over

Finally, after the holiday season is up, take some time off. You’ve earned it, and now that the busy time of year is over, let yourself relax.



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