How to write alt text on Instagram and why it's important

Instagram alt text tutorial

You may have heard of alt text, or alternative text, on Instagram recently. This increasingly popular topic is being adopted more and more by users on Instagram, and is a feature that has been present for a while but hasn't received the attention it truly deserves. Alt text can help you reach a broader audience and improve accessibility on your Instagram channel.

Why alt text on Instagram is important

Alt text may display when a photo is very slow to load, when using a browser for the visually impaired, or when using a screen reader that tells you what is on an image. Instagram automatically generates alt text for your posts, but it often does not capture the full context and description of the image in a post. You have the option to write your own alt text to more accurately describe your photo.

Alt text is important for accessibility and SEO. It allows screen readers to read off descriptions of images to visually impaired users, and it allows search features and search engines to more easily discover your content based on the description provided.

Overall, it's a good idea to start writing your own alt text for your Instagram posts! It will help you reach the largest audience possible on Instagram.

How to add alt text to your next Instagram post

Creating your own alt text on an Instagram post is super easy!

1. Start by creating a post on Instagram. After you've taken or chosen the photo and done all your edits, tap "Next". Tap "Advanced Settings".

New post display on Instagram
Tap "Advanced Settings"

2. Under accessibility at the bottom, tap on "Write Alt Text".

Advanced post settings on Instagram
Tap "Write Alt Text"

3. Write your alt text and tap "Done".

Alt text description on Instagram
Write your alt text and tap "Done"

4. Share your image to Instagram as usual.

That's it! You can also edit the alt text on a post you've already shared by navigating to that post and tapping the three dots in the top right corner, then tapping "Edit". Once you tap edit, an "AA Edit Alt Text" option will appear on your image. Tap this icon to edit and save your alt text.

How to write effective alt text for Instagram

The goal of alt text on Instagram is to accurately describe the image you are posting. The most effective alt text captures the context of the image as well as the description itself.

Here's an example of alt text describing the image used above: