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New multiple videos: Make stunning social media videos without breaking a sweat

New multiple videos with Ripl

Now you can easily create beautiful and engaging Reels, TikToks, and Stories with multiple videos in Ripl. Add more videos and photos to showcase a new collection, tell your story, or show your followers a little more about your business.

Creating videos can seem overwhelming with other tools. With Ripl, you won't be wasting time fine-tuning transitions, and syncing music. In fact, you don't need to have any video editing experience to make a professional-looking video.

Let’s get into why you should be using video in your social media marketing and some of the possibilities with using multiple videos in your posts.

Why you should be using Reels and TikTok videos in your social media marketing

In order for your business to grow on social media, you need to create videos such as Instagram Stories, Reels, and TikToks.

  • Grab attention - On social media, there isn’t much time to hook a follower in. Using video allows you to get straight to the point of your content and grab your audience's attention right away.

  • Get more engagement - Time and time again, video outperforms static images. Instagram videos get twice the amount of engagement of other post types, while video posts have the highest organic engagement on Facebook.

  • Take advantage of the algorithm - Because video has the ability to resonate with audiences and increase engagement, this puts it in higher favor with the Instagram and TikTok algorithms. This makes it more likely to get shown to your followers and makes you more discoverable to those who don’t (yet) follow you!

How to make a multiple-video post

  1. Start with one of the templates below or see the collection

  2. Replace the videos

  3. Customize your message with text, music, and your branding

  4. Share or schedule your video as a post or an ad

Ripl tip: Mix in photos with videos for a trendy look

That's it! No previous video editing experience required. For further details and file sizes, check out our help article.

Below are some multi-video templates for you to try and three examples of how you can effectively use video on social media.

Show what’s new at your business

Video allows you to not only share what’s new at your business but actually show them. Show off trending products or customer reviews. These templates allow you to add a mix of photos and videos to create this trendy look easily.

Tell a story

People love seeing authenticity from businesses on social media. Video not only helps to tell a story, but it can also go a long way to humanize a brand and offer value to your followers.

Ripl tip: Take advantage of longer videos—Stories can be up to 60 seconds, Reels up to 90 seconds, and TikToks up to 10 minutes.

Have fun and build a sense of community

Use videos to share an inspiring message or show the diversity of members of your community. These templates feature frames, text, and colors that help you stay on-brand and on-trend while conveying your message.


Make branded marketing videos and images

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