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New Year's social media posts to welcome 2024

Updated: Feb 8

Ready to slay your social media resolutions for the New Year? Introducing Alkai, the new social media assistant from Ripl. Alkai uses AI to make content creation a breeze! Alkai will create draft videos for you, including captions, all according to your posting schedule. Simply add your media and hit share!

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2024 is right on the horizon, making it the perfect moment to reveal your New Year's celebration plans on social media

We have templates and post ideas to help you share your message with your followers. Click on any of the collections below to jump to those templates:

Cheers to 2024 social media templates

Raise a digital toast to the arrival of 2024 with the help of these social media templates. Utilize a combination of in-feed and Story posts to ensure your message reaches your followers. Cheers to the templates for social media in 2024!

Drink specials social media templates

These templates share the drink specials for your New Year's Eve parties and events. Customize a post today.

New Year's events social media templates

If you're hosting a special event or full-blown NYE party, use these templates to invite your followers.

New Year's beauty and fashion social media templates

These templates encourage your followers to head to their New Year's Eve parties with a glamorous look.

New Year's sparkle social media templates

Bring on the sparkle and glitter without any of the mess! These templates make it easy to keep a consistent look across your feed and Stories.

New Year's goals and resolutions social media templates

Research indicates that sharing your goals with others increases the likelihood of successful follow-through. Inform your customers about the exciting plans you have in store for them and your business in the upcoming year!

New year, new you for health and fitness social media templates

Consistently ranking high among people's resolutions and aspirations is the prioritization of health and fitness. Illustrate how your business can aid in achieving these goals and maintaining momentum with the assistance of these templates.


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