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Ripl 101: Leveraging the timing algorithm

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The Ripl app was designed to help you make something beautiful in a few simple steps. We strive to automate complexity wherever we can to remove obstacles from the creation flow so you can quickly create great content for your business.

Some users have expressed wanting more control over the timing of the animations. Right now we have a complex timing algorithm that determines the optimal time based on the post template and number of photos included. Rather than overcomplicating the customize process with a timing control, we've designed the algorithm to do the work for you adjusting the template based on its components.

There's a few simple guidelines to follow to help you achieve the length you'd like:

  1. More photos will mean a longer video.

  2. Slideshow post templates are generally longer because they will take into account the amount of text on each slide and set transition time based on how much text needs to be read.

  3. Banner and Overlay post templates are generally shorter than slideshow post templates because one message persists across the photos and the transitions between photos are simple.

If you feel videos are going too fast or too slow, let our team know! You can always reach us by tapping the Ripl menu, then "give us feedback." We're always making tweaks and adjustments to improve each design for everyone.


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