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Ripl Case Study | Liliansbeelden

Updated: May 31, 2020


How Lilian Steenhuisen uses Ripl

Who: Lilian Steenhuisen | Owner | Liliansbeelden

We asked Lilian, the artist and owner of Liliansbeelden to share how she uses Ripl to promote her sculpture business.

Why did you need Ripl?

I needed an app that would allow me to show mutiple pictures of my sculptures in one, eye-catching video. Plus, I wanted to add text with each of the images to add details and information about the artwork or artistic process.

How did Ripl help?

Ripl provided everything I was hoping for and much more! Every post I create with Ripl looks nice and attracts attention from the followers on my social media channels.

As a sculptor, I want to upload multiple pictures of my in-process and finished bronze sculptures on social media, which Ripl makes very easy. And that’s not all: the Ripl designs I share look professional and smooth, which makes my posts stand out amongst the rest.


What are the key benefits and results you experienced?

Ripl allowed me to save lots of time and effort on my marketing program while simultaneously increasing views and engagement for my online posts.

Ripls from Liliansbeelden


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