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Ripl Case Study | Podcast Inside Out with Turner & Seth

Updated: May 31, 2020

Turner & Seth

How the Podcast Inside Out with Turner & Seth uses Ripl

Who: Seth Weiner | Owner of Shimon Presents & Host of the Podcast Inside Out with Turner & Seth

Why did he need Ripl?

Seth needed Ripl for 2 reasons. To help promote his podcast in a professional way and to help recruit more workers for their music festival volunteer programs.

How did Ripl help him?

Ripl helped make Seth’s promotions look more professional. Since they interview top notch talent and work with some of the largest music festivals in the country, looking professional is extremely important.

“Using Ripl has helped my company step up our marketing presentation big time. Now our marketing content is as professional as the interview subjects on our podcast. We’re drawing more traffic than ever before to our podcast and events and seeing our social media posts views increase. Additionally, it’s such an easy app to use and an enjoyable experience in being creative. I love how Ripl is constantly adding new designs and growing their app.”

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Key Benefits & Results

  • Customized branded content

  • More followers to online accounts

  • More views for online posts

  • More customer awareness and interest

  • Save time & effort on marketing

What advice do you have for other Ripl users?

“Test out the Ripl before you use it,” explains Seth. “I send mine to a few people for feedback to be sure the content works from the music, photos, to the most important thing being the CONTENT!”

The Ripl Community Facebook Group can also be a useful place to get feedback from other Ripl users about your post.

This post using Ripl had over 1,000 views and 110 engagements across Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

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