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Ripl Events: Customer Engagement Day!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

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Here at Ripl, it’s been a busy few months! Besides working on our major new look, our team has been hard at work trying to understand small businesses like yours.

Last month, we had a company-wide event called “Customer Engagement Day”. On this day, we went out in teams to talk with local small businesses to better understand their business and marketing needs. After all, we want to make sure our app is the best at helping small business owners market their business.

Ripl workers
Two of our team members touring small businesses

We asked some Ripl team members about their Customer Engagement Day experience and what they learned. Here’s what they shared:

Richard, Marketing Designer

“The biggest thing I noticed is that it’s about connectivity for small businesses. They love what they’re doing. They’re going against the grain; taking control of their life instead of working for someone else. They are passionate about what they offer and they care deeply for customer interactions – that their customers enjoy themselves. These businesses depend on the community just as much as the community can depend on them. It’s a model different from corporations, because even if a consumer has to pay more, they’re paying for human connection and that’s the emphasis.”

Teresa, Quality Assurance

“All of them considered customers to be like family or community. They view building and maintaining customer relationships to be essential. Many highlighted the importance of repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals.”

Elijah, Developer

“I was surprised to see just how much each of the employees cared about the business they worked at. Even if they hadn’t been working there very long, or were not very high up in the employment hierarchy, everyone we talked to seemed to have something they believed in about their business.”

Josh, Developer

“What stood out the most for me was how every business owner who met with us is living out their passion through their business. That passion really showed in the way each owner talked about their vision for their business, and in the attention to detail within their stores.”

A quick selfie during Customer Engagement Day
A quick selfie during Customer Engagement Day

We’re so happy we got to talk to local businesses and learn about their marketing needs! We plan to use these insights to make Ripl even more effective and useful for our small business customers.

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