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Social media etiquette do's and don'ts

Social media etiquette do's and don'ts: how to act respectfully on social media

What is social media etiquette? Basically, social media etiquette involves guidelines on how interact and be respectful on social media. Social media etiquette is important to follow in order to preserve positive and welcoming environments on social platforms.

Keep reading for some social media etiquette do's and don'ts to keep in mind when you're interacting on your favorite social media sites.

DO post thoughtful captions and comments and ask others for their input

Social media is first and foremost a way to interact with others. It's "social" at its core. Every post you share should have a specific purpose or goal and a CTA or "call to action". This call to action can involve asking other users to share their feedback or opinions, navigating to your website, tapping your post, etc.

DON'T post captions or comments in all caps

Social media comment etiquette is especially important to keep in mind when you're interacting on other people's posts. Capitalizing all your words means you're yelling. Make sure you're not "yelling" your comments and if you're going to comment on something, make sure that you're contributing to the conversation. No one likes an internet troll!

DO act respectfully, even when someone else is not

Personal attacks are a no-no. If you can't come to respectful common ground with another user, it's time to let the argument or conversation go.

DON'T delete comments just because you disagree with someone's point of view

We advise never to delete negative comments on social media. If you do receive a negative comment, work to respond in a calm, respectful manner with the goal of resolving the issue at hand. This is especially important for your business and your brand. When other people see the negative comments and the work you did to resolve the issue, they'll feel more confident in your business and your customer service.

DO delete comments that include spam or hate speech

We do advise deleting comments that include hate speech, bullying, abuse, or spam, as there is no place for this on social media. If you need help, read through the community guidelines and hate speech policies for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to determine if a comment should be deleted.

DON'T overshare on your business accounts

A good way to avoid the "overshare post" is to think before you share. A lot of your followers are your customers, and they want to see business updates, not updates on your latest hair appointment or political ideas. Keep most of your personal info to your personal social media accounts, but consider sprinkling a bit of personal content into your business feeds when it makes sense. Just don't overshare, please!

DO use social media as a positive, creative, and uplifting space

Social media is at its best when people are empowered to foster positive environments and communities where they can gather with people who share their interests. Work to make your space on social media a positive one where your followers feel supported and informed and where you're open to customer feedback and questions. How do you foster a positive environment on social? Ask questions, practice excellent customer service, give back to your customers, and act respectfully and professionally. You are the one who gets to define what your space on the internet looks like, so be sure to do it responsibly and thoughtfully.

We hope these do's and don'ts of social media etiquette were helpful to you. Now, go forth and interact respectfully and professionally on social media!