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Social media holiday calendar for the rest of 2020

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

As you plan the rest of 2020 for your small business, it's important to account for the cultural and retail events for the remainder of the year. Use this holiday marketing calendar to plan your social media schedule for the remainder of 2020. Don't forget to pin it for safekeeping!

Social media content calendar for October, November, and December 2020


October signals the beginning of the holiday season, and with just a few holidays during this month it's a good way to ease yourself into scheduling out your holiday social posts.

10/31: Halloween


November is the month of gratitude, and customers are expecting companies to speak on social issues, especially now. In the United States particularly, November holds the 2020 election as well as Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving. Consider emphasizing your brand values on social media during this month.

11/1: All Saints' Day

11/14: Diwali

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December is a month full of celebration and gift-giving. Help your customers celebrate with their friends and families by making it easy for them to get through what can be a very stressful season. Offer them amazing deals, advertise your last minute shopping opportunities, or post a message full of holiday cheer to keep their spirits high.

12/10: Human Rights Day

12/11: First day of Hanukkah

12/18: Last day of Hanukkah

12/21: Winter Solstice (first day of Winter)

12/26: Boxing Day

12/26: Kwanzaa begins

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