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The best dad jokes for small businesses to celebrate Father's Day

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

The best dad jokes for small business with social media templates

What better way to celebrate Father's Day than by infusing your marketing strategy with a healthy dose of humor?

You know the jokes. They’re the ones that make teens roll their eyes and wince in embarrassment. Dad jokes continue to dominate popular culture and are a perfectly wholesome way to get your followers more engaged with your social media posts. These cheesy, yet endearing, puns can be a fantastic tool to catch your followers’ attention and get them to stop scrolling in order to see the punchline.

Try incorporating a dad joke into your Father's Day marketing to break up your regular posting routine and showcase your brand's personality. Ask your followers to comment with their own favorite dad jokes to further boost engagement.

Ripl Tip: Dad jokes can apply to nearly every business; even those that typically take a more professional tone on social media. They may be just the “palate cleanser” that your feed could use!

If you’re not a comedian, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up the best dad jokes and created ready-to-share templates, so you can get back to business and leave the comedy routine to Dad.

Dad jokes for small businesses

Try one of these groan-inducing puns that can work for nearly any business type.

Click any template or see the full Dad Joke Collection here.

Dad jokes for real estate agents

Add a housing-themed spin with these dad jokes with a real estate theme. Your followers will appreciate seeing your humorous side which will help make you more approachable. They’ll also break up the monotony of posts around market reports and open houses.

Dad jokes for restaurants

Put humor back on the menu with these restaurant-themed dad jokes. Add some spice to your social feed and donut make us tell you twice!

Dad jokes for retail businesses

Share a retail-themed dad joke to highlight your sense of humor. Followers always appreciate getting to know the personalities of the people behind the businesses where they love shopping.

Ripl Tip: Have your own joke? No problem. It’s a quick and easy edit to the template text. Just make sure to keep the content universal and appropriate in nature.


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