Twelve social media post ideas for your real estate business

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Social media is a tool worth using for your real estate business. Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users, Twitter has over 330 million monthly active users, and Instagram is projected to reach 120.3 million monthly active users by 2023.

It's especially important to market on social media to capture a younger audience, considering 38% of home buyers are made up of millennials at this time.

So, you're on social media. But what do you post? It's important to keep your social media content diverse to engage followers and build your brand reputation. Below are twelve different social media post ideas to help you get creative and find new ways to interact with potential clients.

Click on any of the templates below to create your own.

1. The new listing or just listed post

This is a given, right? Let your followers and community know about a brand new home or property on the market! Try one of these just listed templates to get started.

2. The behind the scenes post

Your social media feed is not only about making a sale or gaining new leads, it's also about connecting with followers you already have. Build a sense of community with your social accounts by posting "behind the scenes" social media posts. Whether that's an activity you're doing with your team, or a quick Instagram Reels video of you doing the sourcing for a new home staging, your efforts to show something other than a sales pitch will make you more relatable and build trust with your followers.

3. The community engagement post

Your business is reliant on your relationship with your community. Posting about it can show potential clients your engagement and commitment, while strengthening your relationship with your community. Promote local events you'll be attending, philanthropic efforts you'll be participating in, or other local occurrences coming up. These types of events are also a great opportunity for you to network and meet potential customers outside of social media. Plus: did you know you can now set up a fundraiser for verified nonprofits on Facebook? Consider doing so to show your support to a specific cause.

4. The before and after post

Those who are currently renovating their home to sell or updating their homes after purchasing would find value in before and after posts. Show your customers what types of updates were made to a property and how it increased the value of the home, plus tips on how they can accomplish these types of upgrades.

5. The meet the team member post

Have a new team member? Make sure you do a proper introduction on social media. Your followers and customers want to know you and your team on a personal level, and they need to trust you in order to work with you. Post a photo of your new team member and throw in some fun facts about them: what their hobbies are, their passions, and how they ended up working with you.

6. The going live post

Facebook Live and YouTube Live are great ways to connect more with your followers and expand your reach to new audiences. Going live can also show your authenticity and make you more relatable, since they are unscripted and unedited versions of yourself! Live videos work well for announcing new listings, doing a Q&A session with your followers, or even doing a virtual property tour. Make sure you let your followers know when you're planning to go live with a post ahead of time, including the date and time of your live event.

7. The neighborhood guide post

It's important that your potential buyers understand the neighborhoods they're seeking to inhabit. People buy the location as much as they buy the property, and sometimes more so! Provide information about the neighborhood like surrounding businesses, local eateries, schools, crime rate, and public services. Your buyers will appreciate that you provided this information so they don't have to go searching for it!

8. The customer testimonial post

Happy customers? Show off your raving reviews on social media! Ask your buyers for reviews of your services and put them into a professional template to post on your social channels. Or, post a just sold post with a photo of your buyers in front of their new home and their review in the caption. These types of posts will increase your credibility. Don't forget to tag your buyers on social to encourage them to share with their networks.

9. The how to or DIY post

How to's and tips provide value to customers preparing to sell or purchase a home or property. Share tips and how to's on home improvement, selling a home, buying a home, home decor, and more. First time buyers especially may benefit from a more extensive buyers guide including topics like setting a budget, getting pre-approved for a mortgage, finding a neighborhood that fits with their lifestyle, bidding, submitting an offer, negotiating, and closing. Consider a weekly social media series where you share tips, or write a more detailed guide in your blog or on your website and link it on your social media channels.

10. The market update post

Providing market updates to your followers and potential buyers shows them that you are the expert in your area. Share market trends, government policy changes, interest rate changes, and other market updates that you know will be of interest to your clients.

11. The seasonal post

Seasons and holidays are a wonderful opportunity to spread holiday cheer, celebrate a changing season, or offer special seasonal promotions on social media.

Get your holiday planning done early with this social media holiday calendar for the rest of 2020.

12. The just for fun post

An inspiring quote, a fun photo from your weekend, or a shot from your recent hiking trip can make you more relatable to potential clients and can help break up your feed. Diversifying your feed is important in order to build trust with your followers and keep them engaged in your content.

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