12 quick social media marketing tips for small businesses

12 quick social media tips for small business owners and social media beginners

Whether you're a social media beginner, or you've had social media for your business for some time already, these twelve quick social media marketing tips can help you make sure that you're getting the most out of your social media efforts. These tips can help you develop effective social media marketing strategies and guide you on how to use social media for business.

Read on for twelve quick social media marketing tips for beginners and small business owners.

1. Optimize your social media profiles and bios

This should be the first thing you do as a small business owner on social media. Make sure to take advantage of all the different ways Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow you to personalize your page for your business. Facebook and Instagram allow you to include action buttons so customers can shop or schedule with you, and all three allow you to include a website link. Don't pass these optimizations up! They can only help your business to be more successful.

Optimize your business page on Facebook

Read through our optimization post for Facebook to make sure you have included all of the following in your Facebook business page:

  1. about section, which includes your contact information, website link, and more

  2. username

  3. custom URL

  4. profile image and cover image

  5. call to action button

  6. customize your page tabs

  7. pinned post

Facebook social icon

Optimize your Facebook page

Optimize your business account on Instagram

Be sure to create or switch over to a business account for your small business. And be sure to update...

  1. your profile picture

  2. category

  3. your bio

  4. website link

  5. contact info

  6. action button

Instagram social icon

Optimize your Instagram business page

Optimize your business account on Twitter

Make sure you add and adjust the following on your Twitter business page:

  1. username

  2. banner image

  3. profile image

  4. page link

  5. bio