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3 business TikTok trends to try

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

TikTok trends to try for small businesses

There’s no shortage of creative and fun content on TikTok but as small businesses and solopreneurs, it can feel almost impossible to keep up with the latest content trends. Whether you are just getting started on TikTok or a seasoned user looking for fresh ideas to post for your business, these three TikTok trends for business are here to inspire you.

Business TikTok trend #1: Share important facts about your business

What do you want your customers to know about your business? Use your content to convey useful and interesting facts creatively.

In this example, Kaeraz shares three things you might not know about their shirts.

They use this opportunity to show how their products differ from other shirt companies while also showing their values.

Here are some ideas to try the trend yourself:

  • X Things you didn't know about [your industry]

  • X Ways you can repurpose [your product packaging]

  • How we source our products

  • Where you can shop our products in store

Business TikTok trend #2: Share a “reminder” related to your business

Reminder-style posts are a cheeky way to show off your product and demonstrate why someone would need it in their life.

Spruce does a great job of sharing a relatable problem (dirty mirrors) and what they can do to help.

Here are some ideas and variations to try the trend yourself:

  • This is your sign to [problem related to your industry]

  • POV: You just discovered [your product that helps solve a common problem]

  • Reminder: Don’t forget to [action related to your product]

Business TikTok trend #3: Packing an order

For product-based businesses, recording yourself as you pack a customer order is one of the easiest ways to create content for TikTok.

It works because it is satisfying for viewers to see the before and after and it gives them an opportunity to see the real people working behind the scenes of their favorite small businesses.

Ideas for what sound to include in the background of your video:

  • Use music that sets the tone for the product you’re packing. For example, for self-care products use soothing music, for fun or colorful products use upbeat music

  • Do a voiceover answering a frequently asked question

  • Do a voiceover reading a positive customer review


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