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3 Instagram & Facebook ads I clicked and why

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

If you’ve ever spent time scrolling through Facebook, you’ve probably come across a few Facebook ads that caught your eye and piqued your interest. What about it made you click? As a consumer, this probably isn’t something you haven’t thought about much but as a marketer for your small business, understanding this “it” factor is essential to clickable ads.

Here are a few ads I found during my own scrolling on Facebook that stood out visually and had content that really hit the mark. These are ads that are likely to draw many clicks and sales. Here’s a look at what makes these ads scroll stoppers and how you can create your own version.

1. EverRoot Dog Supplements

This ad uses a video slideshow of gorgeous dogs which immediately grabs the attention of any dog lover. And even though it is obvious that this is business, I didn’t realize that it was an ad right away because of the use of images. Using photos that have both a subject, like a person, animal, or place, tend to gain more likes and clicks. That coupled with the product placement in each image makes it clear what the business is offering. Add that to the ad text surrounding the ad, which is clear and states it’s a sale, helps draw engagement. The only thing I’d change is I’d add the actual offer to the image as well.

Create your own version with one of these templates:

2. Thousand Bike Helmets

First off, I was well targeted with this ad as I had been researching bicycles on Instagram and Facebook and had liked some pages on this topic. While this ad doesn’t include a human in the image, its product shot is clean and beautiful. What really got my attention was the use of a customer review! The only thing I’d change about this ad is to shorten the ad text a bit so it doesn’t trail off but they did get some very important bits in before it was cut off.

Create your own version with one of these templates:

3. Secret Seattle

Again we have a video ad, and while this was very obviously an ad to me, I had to watch the whole thing TWICE because I was mesmerized. The text overlaid on the video gives the viewer an idea of what this exhibit is about and that this has been in other cities. The video shows how immersive and stunning this experience is and is a massive attention grabber. This ad is also well targeted, as I live in the Seattle area and I have liked art and museum pages. The only thing I’d change is having more text on the last slide rather than just the logo, which does add a brand element but nothing else.

Create your own version with one of these templates:


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