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3 Ways small businesses can make the most of Giving Tuesday this holiday season

Giving Tuesday tips for Small Businesses

Giving Tuesday has become the single biggest celebration of generosity inspiring millions of people to do good in more than 80 countries around the world. Later this month Giving Tuesday hashtags will fill your social feeds from nonprofits, businesses, and friends highlighting causes that are important to them and sharing stories of giving.

It’s no coincidence that Giving Tuesday happens during the largest holiday season of the year when generous acts of giving are intentionally top of mind. It’s likely your small business has already been planning how you can participate in Giving Tuesday while simultaneously brainstorming ideas for holiday gifts for clients and employees.

This year consider using Giving Tuesday as not a single day to elevate generosity, but instead a launch point to keep social good as a repeatable action in your business. Here are three ideas for your small business to make a greater social good impact this holiday season and into next year.

Send Charitable Gifts to Your Customers or Employees

Every year your small business is faced with the challenge of nailing the perfect gift for your clients or team members that feels meaningful and personalized but also comes in on budget. You also want your gifts to resonate with your values. If you’re an environmentally focused company, you wouldn't consider gifts that could be perceived as wasteful or bad for the environment.

Gifts with a charitable focus are becoming increasingly popular as they check the box for being a thoughtful gift that everyone can feel good about. Sending a donation to your client’s favorite charity is an action to express gratitude for your relationship in a way that is meaningful to them and with a greater purpose. Your client will feel appreciated by your generosity, the nonprofit will benefit from the donation, and you can be certain your gift was put to good use!

Charitable giving platforms like Grateful, make your client or employee holiday giving a breeze allowing you to also increase your overall giving for the social good.

Keep the spirit going by sending charitable birthday gifts throughout the year.

Create a Robust Giving Campaign on Social Media

Join the celebration of Giving Tuesday and the generous spirit of the holiday season by crafting up a season-long campaign that will inspire giving in your network. Here are a few ideas worth posting:

  1. Share why giving matters to your small business. Showcase an image of your team or an activity in the community for your followers to learn more about your social good initiatives.

  2. Highlight a nonprofit or cause that your small business supports. Reach out to your favorite nonprofit to see if there’s a hashtag or call to action you can include.

  3. Mention sending charitable giving cards to your clients and employees and feature a story about a charity that they support.

And if engagement is high, consider publishing a giving-focused post every month.

Incorporate Giving into Your Loyalty or Referral Programs

Include the spirit of giving by rewarding your customers with charitable donations sent to nonprofits they care about. UpdateAI, a meeting assistant for customer service teams, gives charitable giving cards as a thank-you to users who share and tag testimonials for their product on social media.

You can also incorporate giving into your employee appreciation. Ripl recognizes especially awesome actions from employees. When a Ripl team member “Makes a Ripl” by going above and beyond at work, they get a special shout-out and a Grateful Giving card to donate to a charity of their choice.

With a little creativity and planning, you can align your small business with the generosity inspired by Giving Tuesday and the holiday season in ways that are meaningful to you, your team, and your customers while supporting socially good causes.


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