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7 top tips for producing an effective social media bio

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

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[A Guest Blog Post for Ripl Customers]

By: Freddie Tubbs is a social media manager at Revieweal and Australian Reviewer.

Social media bios are, as the name suggests, a relatively new phenomenon connected to the arrival of, pretty much ubiquitous, social media. The nature of a bio can vary hugely and, in the same sense, so can their importance. For some people a bio is a nice way to communicate a bit of their personality or relay information about what they use their social media for to a potential visitor. For an increasingly large number of people, bios are crucial for careers and the generation of income for jobs which are rooted in social media presence.

Whatever the case is for you, here are 7 ways in which you can put together a bio that gets you what you want.

1. Know Who You’re Addressing

It’s totally ok if your answer to the statement above is that you’re addressing anyone and everyone. But it’s important that you know that in advance. For many people, the answer is much more specific and so, this ought to be accounted for when writing your bios. “If you run a company Instagram for example… that is going to be an example of a situation where you need to tailor your bio to entice the sorts of people you think might become your customers,” says Alessia Broadhurst, social media manager at BestBritishEssays and BoomEssays. It will also make writing much easier, so get thinking.

2. Be Individualistic

If there’s one thing the world of social media is, it’s crowded. Social media of all forms is jam packed with accounts, many of which will, more than likely, be similar to your own. It can take some doing, but if you delve deep enough into your own world you will find elements to yourself, your blog, your company, or whatever it is that are genuinely unique. These elements should be promoted in your bio as a way of making people excited at the prospect of your page.

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3. Forget Humility

This is a piece of advice that is already seemingly well grasped by a lot of the online community! But if you’re of a shy inclination, or you simply don’t think that the world revolves around you and what you do online, it’s important you’re not too shy about your bio. Boast a bit, list your achievements, your company’s achievements. Look for ways to represent the quality of the content that you have up on your site or your page, to draw people in to taking a look.

4. Write It Well

This fairly innocuous piece of advice is actually quite often forgotten. For company’s and other professional uses of social media it can be absolutely vital to ensuring that you are just that; professional. But it’s not as simple as it seems, writing well. So here are a few useful tools to ensuring that your bio is nicely put together: Resumention – A proofreading tool, offering you those last minute spellchecks. AcademAdvisor and Top essay writing services– two copywriting tools which give you comprehensive guides and tips for writing well. Eliteassignmenthelp – This is an online editing tool, useful for running your bio through before publishing. Ox essays and Essay Roo – Extremely helpful for generating keywords, action words and other optimized language for your post.

5. Keep It Succinct

The internet age has taken a huge chunk out of the average user’s attention span. People will click on something they are interested in and if they’re not gripped immediately by what they see their scrolling/clicking finger will be itching to move on. Having to read through a vast bio to even find out what is going on on your social media will always make it more likely that you will lose that viewer. Hit your keywords/key ideas quickly and prominently in your bio to keep them interested.

6. Include A Link

Social media is great as a portal or a gateway to exploring an individual, product or company further. You don’t want people to have to scroll through all of your posts to find a link to what you ultimately want them to visit. Include it in the bio and the click rate will rise.

7. Include Visuals

It’ll depend on your choice of social medium (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn etc.) but having a photo and even a choice selection of emojis or stickers along with your bio can be fun and eye catching. Remember, this isn’t your CV here, it’s social media, it’s meant to be a bit light hearted. Use this as an opportunity to stand apart from the crowd again.


So, there you have it. With a few of these tips in your toolbox you’ll be well on your way to captivating your target audience, whether that is other knitting enthusiasts or a carefully calculated marketing demographic for your business. Always remember that social media should be an opportunity to show a bit of fun and personality, so take some risks!

Freddie Tubbs is a social media manager at Revieweal and Australian Reviewer. He helps companies create effective digital marketing campaigns, and contributes posts to the Vault and Academized blog.


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