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Beginner's Guide to AI Tools: How You Can Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Business

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

How You Can Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Business

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of using AI? You're in the right place. Welcome to the Beginner's Guide to AI Assistants, where we unravel the mysteries of artificial intelligence and show you how to leverage it for your business. Whether you're a small business owner, industry professional, or real estate agent, understanding AI assistants can be a game-changer. So, let's unlock the potential of AI technology.

Understanding AI Assistants

AI assistants are like your digital sidekicks, helping you navigate the complexities of business. These smart software programs use artificial intelligence to perform various tasks, making your life easier and more efficient. They can write marketing copy, create images and even build a business plan for you. So let's explore AI assistants and discover which tools could offer the most value for you and your business.

STEP 1: Pick the right AI tool

  • ChatGPT: ChatGPT is a free tool that seamlessly generates copy for nearly anything you can imagine - social media posts, email subject lines, product descriptions, etc. There are also paid plans if you are looking for the most updated model and want your answers faster. The free version of this tool does not have access to the internet (as of when this article was written), and its base knowledge only goes up to September 2021. So, remember to double-check the automated text for accuracy.

  • Bard: Unleash your creativity with Bard, the AI companion for writing. From fascinating blog articles to catchy slogans, Bard helps you weave words that leave an impression. This tool is free and has access to the internet.

  • Bing: Harness the power of Bing's advanced search capabilities to find valuable insights, market trends, and information relevant to your business. It's also a free tool, but be sure to fact-check the answers as it is sourcing its information from the internet.

  • MidJourney: Midjourney is a generative AI tool that can create images from text. Possibly the most advanced in this field, this AI assistant has moved past creating images of humans with six fingers, and you’ll find it hard to tell that a robot made these images. This tool requires a Discord account and a subscription.

  • DALL-E: From the company that brings you ChatGPT, DALL-E is a powerful image-creation tool. Create captivating visual content and bring your ideas to life with visuals that captivate your audience. It is a free tool but has monthly limits on how many images you can request.

  • Imagen: Google’s text-to-image will transform text descriptions into eye-catching images effortlessly. Enhance your visual content and make a lasting impression. You can sign up for their free beta with your Google account.

Ripl tip: Remember that these tools can and will be wrong! Be sure to fact-check any information you receive.

STEP 2: Write a good prompt for the AI tool

Crafting prompts is the key to unlocking the full potential of AI assistants. Here are some basic examples to get you started.

"Help me draft a compelling social media post promoting our latest product launch." Then give a detailed description of your product.

"Generate a list of creative ideas for an engaging blog post about (your industry) trends."

"Write an attention-grabbing email subject line for our upcoming newsletter about (your industry)."

When you start getting the hang of how to ask AI for help, you can start working on more complex prompts like these:

Act as an expert in (your type of business). Write me a business plan that targets (your business target) in (area to target). Use your magic to develop a plan that will get me to gross (how much you want to gross) in (timeframe) with a budget of (your budget). This plan should also consider that my team is (how many people work there) at (combined hours worked) hours committed weekly. Include ways for me to utilize AI to help. Highlight simple tasks I can do to increase profits that have minimal cost.

You are an AI prompt generation robot. You need to gather information about the user's goals, objectives, examples of the preferred output, and other relevant contexts. The prompt should include all of the necessary information provided to you. Ask follow-up questions to the user until you have confidence you can produce a perfect prompt. Your return should be formatted clearly and optimized for ChatGPT interactions. Start by asking the user about the goals, desired output, and any additional information you may need.

Ripl tip: The most important thing you can do when writing a prompt for AI is to be as specific as possible. Artificial Intelligence can, and will, get as detailed as you allow it.

Utilize Artificial Intelligence Integrations:

If you feel overwhelmed by the variety of AI tools available, don't worry! Many popular tools already integrate AI into their features to enhance your productivity. For example:

  • Ripl: Get engaging social media captions with just one click with our Easy Caption AI text generator (see screenshots below). Trending hashtags will also be included automatically to help your posts get seen. You can leave the caption area blank or add some copy to give Easy Caption more context before tapping the button. With Ripl, you can quickly and easily plan, create, schedule, and post social media for your business. You'll find templates tailored to your business, features for consistent branding, and a slick way to directly share to all your social channels at once.

  • Grammarly: With Grammarly's advanced AI-powered grammar and spell-checking capabilities, you can enhance your writing. Grammarly goes beyond traditional proofreading, offering comprehensive writing assistance to help you communicate clearly and confidently. We use Grammarly at Ripl to ensure our spelling and grammar are correct. And for some of us, English is our second or third language, so it's one of the most helpful tools in marketing.

  • HubSpot: HubSpot is a comprehensive marketing and sales software platform that leverages advanced AI capabilities to optimize user experiences and drive business growth. With its AI-powered features and tools, HubSpot delivers valuable insights and automation across various aspects of marketing and sales processes. Husbpost is an easy-to-use tool for those with some experience.

AI tools are transforming how businesses operate. They're making tasks easier, faster, and more efficient. By embracing AI technology, you can let the AI assistants work on the things you're not interested in and increase productivity. So, dive into the world of AI, experiment with different tools, and unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence for your business.



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