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Best Ripls of 2017

Updated: May 31, 2020

2017 was a year of exciting news, big change, and amazing people! This year, there were over 4 million Ripls posted around the world! We selected 10 great Ripls from a variety of small businesses to spark your creativity and help your marketing shine in 2018.

1. Use a collage to showcase multiple images at once.

2. Pair a striking product photo with a fun giveaway.

3. Combine mouth-watering imagery and tasty humor.

4. Highlight an elegant product by using a minimal design.

5. Match your friendly product with your friendly personality.

6. Use a bold typeface with a quote to set the right mood.

7. Mix a striking photo with a simple headline.

8. Share lots of information with a slideshow design.

9. Try a scrolling video with plain background and colorful photos.

10. Consider how your typography and background can work together.

Whether you try a dynamic collage, playful humor, or a scrolling video, we hope these 10 beautiful Ripls from 2017 have given you some new ideas for your own marketing in 2018.


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