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Exciting new video trends

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Video has been taking over the marketing world for the past few years. However, the way people use video has transformed at the same time. Here are some exciting trends that we’ve seen so far in 2019:

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Instagram Stories Continue To Rise

The popularity of Instagram Stories has continued to rise over the course of the year. Regular users and businesses are loving the ability to upload bite-sized videos for their followers to watch.

Ripl allows you to post your videos to your Instagram story. Because stories disappear after 24 hours, we recommend using Instagram stories to promote new products, make non-vital announcements, or to simply draw attention to your business. For a more lasting presence, post your videos to your Instagram feed.

Accessible Videos

An inspiring trend over the past year has been the increase of accessible technologies, such as closed captioning, for use with video. If your audience would benefit from closed captioned videos, there are multiple apps that provide this. Some popular apps include Clipomatic and Caption This.

Product Showcase Videos Are Increasing

With the rise of video use in marketing, the number of new product showcases using video is increasing. Even major e-commerce companies like Amazon give you the option to include video in your product listings.

Ripl offers a broad variety of design templates that you can use to create the perfect video to showcase your products. Share these compelling videos in your social media channels to drive interest in your products and services.

Authenticity is Becoming More Important

As a small business, it’s important to connect emotionally with your customers. Although professionally-shot videos can attract attention, customers find themselves attracted to businesses they can relate to. Sometimes just using video from your phone’s camera of a cool business event is enough to interest your customer. Your audience appreciates getting an authentic glimpse into your real life.

Super Short Videos Still Attract Customers

It’s a running joke that our attention spans have plummeted with the invention of social media, but science backs it up. With some studies showing that we have an attention span of 8 seconds, it’s important to make your social videos brief. Generally, online video ads are recommended to be 15 – 30 seconds, or even less!

Facebook continues to generate engagement

Although there are debates about whether Facebook is still the “it” social network, Facebook’s video content has grown by over 400 percent in the past two years. If you want to avoid looking outdated on the world’s largest social media platform, you should get with the trend and create more of your posts using video.

Use Ripl to create short, punchy video posts. Sharing these to Facebook, Instagram and your other social media will keep your marketing fresh and ahead of the trends and top-of-mind with your customers.

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