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Growing families & social following: See how this Doula uses Ripl for her business

How Doula's Due LLC uses Ripl

Here at Ripl, our goal is simple: to help small businesses succeed on social media. We love hearing about how these businesses find creative ways to grow their presence on social. As we look back on an exceptionally challenging past year, we have been encouraged and inspired by all the ways the small biz community is using social media.

One such inspiring story comes from Portia, the owner of Doula’s Due LLC, on how she uses social media to reach expecting mothers and help them with their family planning.

A small business built for moms and growing families

Portia Harris became an entrepreneur in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic and started her doula business called Doula’s Due LLC. She’s currently in Baltimore, Maryland with her three-year-old son, Liam.

“Doula’s Due provides Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum, Lactation, Childbirth Education and Newborn Care to families and anyone pregnant, or caring for an infant.”

Portia also understands that no two birth plans are the same and takes a customized approach to how she works with her clients.

“Our services include personalized care to families wherever they are, including within the clients home, birth center, or hospital.”

What does Mother's Day mean to you and your business?

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, we asked Portia what Mother’s Day means to her and her business.

“Mother’s Day, to me, means taking a moment to express being grateful for the mothers I have in my life, what they do and who they represent to me. It also means being thoughtful to all mothers across the world who come from many different cultures and backgrounds.”

How Ripl helped Portia take the guesswork out of social media marketing and get back to loving her business

Social media is so much more than just posting pretty photos for Portia.

“I use social media marketing in my business to express my love for being a doula. I show my audience how rewarding being a doula can be. I post many things from pictures of me working with babies and doing various tasks, to educating my audience about different terms I find important for viewers to know about.”

Looking at Portia’s cohesive and striking Instagram profile, you would never guess she ever had trouble being consistent and creative.

“Before I used Ripl, I was not successful with social media marketing. I didn't do much of it and found the process difficult for me to manage, be consistent, and creative.”

Ripl templates allowed her to be creative while making posts that were on-brand and instantly recognizable. Her feed is now a mix of educational resources, happy families, and of course, lots of smiling babies.

“Since I started using Ripl, my social media marketing has been a lot better. I am using my creativity with the templates available to use and can schedule when they go out. This allows me to be consistent. Ripl also keeps track of the engagement from each post, which is very helpful and inspires me to make more content that my viewers will love.”

Portia’s advice for other small business owners trying to use social media to reach their customers

After seeing how Portia was able to grow her social media, we asked if she had any advice for building their audience on social media.

“I advise other small businesses who are trying to use social media to reach their customers to do their research in an app, such as Ripl. An app like Ripl provides a quick and simple way to maneuver through to create and post eye-capturing content for your social media page within minutes.”


You can connect with Portia on Doula’s Due on Instagram.

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