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How small businesses can celebrate Juneteenth on social media

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

How to celebrate Juneteenth on social media

Juneteenth, the oldest national commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States, is a significant day to celebrate African American freedom, education, and achievement.

There are many ways to celebrate the holiday with your community; find celebrations or events that honor and educate folks on the importance of Juneteenth. Today we will share three ideas for how your small business can further take the celebration onto social media.

1. Celebrate and educate your audience about Juneteenth on social media

Juneteenth, celebrated annually on June 19th, marks the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States on June 19th, 1865. It is also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Liberation Day, and Emancipation Day.

Educate your audience about the history and significance of this holiday by bringing more awareness to it, opening up the dialogue to have deeper conversations about its importance, and celebrating Black culture.

2. Support Black-owned businesses on social media

To celebrate Juneteenth, highlight Black-owned small businesses that you love and share them with your audience through your social feed and stories. You could also partner with a Black-owned business to host a joint Instagram or Facebook Live event.

If you run a Black-owned business, encourage followers to celebrate with you and support your business. Some ways to do this could be posting content they can re-share, posting ways they can support your business, or sharing your own personal story and experience as a Black business owner.

3. Amplify Black voices on social media

Amplify Black voices by promoting Black creators and business owners. Show your solidarity by sharing their messages through your network, whether specific to Juneteenth or more broad discussions around community and change. Honor Juneteenth as the reason to recognize these voices, but continue the work year-round to have the greatest impact possible.


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