How to set and track goals for social media

How to set and track goals for social media for your business

Every small business should start out on social media by setting goals for their business. Setting goals on social media and tracking social media metrics help us answer the question of how to define social media success. Goals also help you make smart decisions about your business in order to grow.

In this post, we'll outline why goals matter for your social media marketing strategy, how to set SMART social media goals for your business, which KPIs and social media metrics you should track for each type of goal, and how to track your performance on social media. Keep scrolling to get started!

Why goals matter

As a small business owner, you may be posting to social media randomly without any clear objectives in mind. Setting goals on social media is essential to a clear, streamlined, and focused approach to social for your business. Here's why they're important:

1. Goals guide your content strategy

Once you have your social media goals set, you can then create your social media content calendar. For each post, you should be asking yourself what is the primary goal of posting it. If you have clear goals defined, you'll be able to plan your content in order to work towards achieving them. For example, if one of your main goals is increasing brand awareness, you can focus more on content that gets your name in front of more customers.

2. Goals help you make smart decisions about your business

Setting goals gets you closer acquainted with the data in order to make smart decisions for your business. The nature of a goal is that it should be measurable, which means that you will need to start tracking certain KPIs (key performance indicators) and social media metrics. This might sound intimidating, but we promise it's simple! For example, if one of your main goals is growing your audience on social media, you'll need to track these KPIs: follower count, brand mentions (who has talked about your business on social media?), and engagement on your posts (likes, comments, shares).

SMART goal setting

We highly recommend using the SMART method when defining your social media goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.


Be specific about what you want to accomplish. Answer the 'what' and the 'where'.

Not specific enough: Increase brand awareness.

Specific: Increase brand awareness on social media within my immediate community.


Ensure you can accurately measure your goal. What metrics are you going to use? Common metrics for social campaigns include engagement (likes, comments, shares), post reach and impressions, and follower count.

Not measurable: Increase my follower count.

Measurable: Increase my follower count by 10%.


Set an attainable, realistic goal for yourself. Think about whether you have all the tools and skills necessary to accomplish each goal.

Attainability is unique to each situation. Just make sure you are able to realistically achieve the goal you set!


Be sure that your goals are in line with your company strategy.

Relevancy also depends on each unique situation. Just be sure to set goals that will help you grow your business on social media. Keep reading for some suggested goals!


Think hard on the timeline of your goals and when you're projecting to accomplish them. Remember to be realistic!

Not timely: Increase my follower count by 10%.

Timely: Increase my follower count by 10% within 2 months.

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