New Feature! Run Facebook and Instagram Ads with Ripl

Big announcement… you can now run Facebook and Instagram Ads with Ripl!

From our research and marketing, we have seen that successful social media strategies must include Facebook and Instagram ads. Likewise, we have also heard that running Facebook and Instagram ads can be complicated and time-consuming for small businesses.

Therefore, we have developed a feature to enable small businesses to be seen on Facebook without having to learn the intricacies of running ads through Facebook. With this feature, we empower small businesses with a new way to grow and create professional-quality content while getting their ads in front of customers. Additionally, businesses can find straightforward answers on how well their ad is performing.

Want to know what it takes to use this feature? Follow the steps below to get started!

  1. Open up the Ripl WebApp - this feature is only available on the WebApp so grab your computer to get started.

  2. Customize a template - get started creating a post with one of Ripl’s ready-to-go templates. We recommend choosing one from our Ads collection.

  3. Find your customers - select who you want to get in front of. Build an audience based on interests, keywords, demographic info, and location.

  4. Set your budget and schedule - decide how long you want to run your ad for and how much you want to spend. Get started for as little as $25 or go up to $5000.