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October social media and small business industry news

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

From social platform feature releases to small business news, we've compiled the latest info so you can stay in the know.

Study: the effect of Covid-19 on small business

A new study by Bluehost shows that small businesses are creating new opportunities, finding success online, and transitioning to online business models.

How social media apps are pivoting because of COVID-19

Social media platforms are evolving to keep up with new digital trends as a result of the pandemic.

Snapchat adds "sounds" capability

In an effort to compete with Tik Tok and Instagram Reels, Snapchat has added a "sounds" feature, which allows users to add song clips to their snaps.

Facebook announces new ad tools

Facebook announced new tools for retailers for the remainder of 2020, including product tags on Instagram and a discount feature for Facebook shops.

Facebook introduces new Messenger branding and features

Facebook introduces paid events for small business

Businesses, creators, educators and media publishers can now earn money from online events on Facebook. Facebook says, "now Page owners can create an online event, set a price, promote the event, collect payment and host the event, all in one place."

Facebook launches emotional health resource center

The emotional health resource hub includes tips and resources on navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facebook launches voting information center

The voter information center includes information on how to register and vote and introduces a tool for people to sign up as poll workers across the country. This voting information center is part of an effort to help voters register for the upcoming 2020 US election.

Facebook announces new tools for group admins

New tools have been added to Facebook Groups for admins in order to manage their groups more efficiently and engage more with their community.

Facebook introduces a new messaging feature on Instagram

In an effort to integrate messaging across Facebook and Instagram, Facebook has introduced a cross-messaging functionality that links Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messaging.

Instagram turns 10 years old this month!

Launched on October 6, 2010, popular social media site Instagram is now a decade old! Explore Instagram through the years, from launch to major events to now.

Instagram releases a guide to shops

Just in time for the holiday shopping rush, Instagram has released a new guide on setting up and running Instagram shops.

Instagram brings shopping to Reels and IGTV

Both Reels and IGTV now involve an e-commerce aspect, as global shifts towards online business ramp up. Check out these new shop integrations just before the holiday!

Twitter rolls out voice tweets

You can now use your voice to publish a tweet on Twitter.

Advice from experts on staying in business during the pandemic

As small business owners work to stay in business during the COVID-19 pandemic, experts share tips on government aid, the current racial divide, and prospecting for new customers.

The Big Week for Small Business

On October 13th - 15th, The Big Week for Small Business webinar will provide opportunities to network with other small business owners, participate in breakout sessions, and host audience-driven discussions—all focused on small business.


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