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September social media and small business industry roundup

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

From social platform feature releases to small business news, we've compiled the latest info so you can stay in the know.

GlobalWebIndex released a social media marketing trends report

Market research company GlobalWebIndex put out their 2020 social media trends report this month, which explores how Coronavirus has impacted social media usage and consumer purchasing habits.

Instagram tests navigation to accommodate new feature Reels

Instagram has started adding a display of 'Suggested Reels' in the main feed of some users as they test three different navigation designs to make room for Reels and Instagram shopping.

Instagram Shop and Facebook Pay

Facebook released Instagram Shop and Facebook Pay to continue their efforts to provide solutions to retail and e-commerce business types.

Instagram adds automatic closed captions for IGTV

In an effort to improve accessibility options on Instagram, Facebook introduced automatic closed captioning for Instagram TV (IGTV).

Instagram adds Reels update

With the first Reels update, users can now create reels up to 30 seconds long, compared to the previous 15 second length. Plus, editing tools have been improved.

Twitter launches "Quotes"

Twitter is replacing retweets and comments with "quotes" count.

Twitter releases their Holiday Hub for 2020

Twitter's Holiday Hub was released this month to help businesses and marketers plan the rest of the year with a calendar, most popular hashtags, and downloadable resources.

Twitter introduces new security features ahead of the US election

Twitter accounts for administration officials, members of Congress, political campaigns, major news outlets, political journalists, and other government officials will be required to take enhanced security measures ahead of the election. People rely on Twitter for news, and these enhanced security efforts will ensure that high profile pages are safe and secure ahead of the 2020 election.

Twitter is working to introduce audio capability

A new feature called Audio Space would allow users will be able to talk to people they follow or mention on the social media platform.

Facebook launches new Facebook Business Suite

On September 17, Facebook launched a new app designed to make it easier for businesses to manage their pages and profiles across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger in a single place.

Facebook tests new email platform

Facebook is experimenting with a new email marketing tool from Facebook pages. “We’re evaluating whether these tools are beneficial for people and businesses before deciding whether to expand it further," Facebook told AdWeek.

Facebook tests Instagram stories viewing

Facebook is testing a new feature that allows users to view Instagram stories in their Facebook app. Will this get too confusing?

Facebook expands efforts to stop the spread of election misinformation

Mark Zuckerberg announced on his Facebook page that Facebook will stop accepting new political ads the week before the 2020 Elections. Facebook is also putting a limit on the number of people you can share articles with each day to control fake news articles about the election and COVID-19 from spreading.

Facebook launches new "watch together" feature in messenger

Facebook introduced the new watch together feature in messenger this month, making it possible for friends and family to enjoy Facebook Watch videos together in real time.

Facebook releases the latest wave of their "State of Small Business" report

The State of Small Business Report studies the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses throughout the world. In the Wave III update, Facebook reports new numbers on reopening rates and closures, as well as reported sales from small businesses across the globe.

Facebook introduces Rights Manager tool

This new tool allows creators to protect and manage their photos across both Facebook and Instagram, including photos embedded onto external websites.

Facebook is partnering with Ray-Ban to create smart glasses

The smart Facebook glasses will reportedly feature Ray-Ban branding and will include virtual and augmented reality. Specs are coming sometime in 2021.

Nearly 1 in 5 consumers plan to purchase more from small local businesses this holiday season

In a recent study conducted by Skyes, they found that almost half of shoppers say they will be willing to shop in-store if retailers offer contactless pay options this winter and over two-thirds of consumers want masks to be mandatory at local retailers during the holiday season.

YouTube introduces its TikTok competitor, "YouTube Shorts"

Just like Instagram recently introduced their own competing feature, Reels, YouTube has started rolling out YouTube Shorts starting in India this month. Shorts will allow users to create 15-second videos which can be set to music from an “in-product music picker feature".

LinkedIn introduces stories feature

You can now add LinkedIn to the list of social networks that allow users to post "stories" to their profiles. LinkedIn released their new stories feature this month after extensive testing.

Pinterest introduces story pins

Pinterest is now beta testing a new way to post on Pinterest: story pins. Story pins will allow creators to post photos and videos to their profiles, and can be saved to boards. They also won't disappear after 24 hours.


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