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Ripl Case Study – RE/MAX Real Estate Agent

Updated: May 31, 2020

case study

Who: Danielle Higgins | Real Estate Agent | RE/MAX

Why did you need Ripl?

Before Ripl I was just creating standard Facebook posts. I would just post a link to my house listing and simply write something like “Open House 1:00-3:00 pm”. Now with Ripl, I can make the post come to life by adding music, pictures, and animation. There is no question that Ripl has helped advance my social media and allowed me to move away from simple announcements.

How did Ripl help?

Ripl has helped tremendously. Being a Real Estate agent, I am constantly on the go. Being able to have a marketing team pretty much in my pocket 24/7 is such a awesome tool to have. It’s so simple and quick to use! Not only has it helped my marketing problems, but I am now the go to Ripl girl for my whole office. I actually was just asked to do a demo presentation for my office since everyone loves my videos!


Key Benefits & Results

My last Ripl video I posted on Instagram was me standing in front of a house I just sold. It received 596 views. That’s 596 people seeing that I am good at what I do and can sell a house! So hopefully the next time one of those 596 people want to buy or sell a house or hears of someone that wants to buy or sell a house they will think of me.

When I tell clients that I use innovative tools and technology to help market and sell their home, Ripl is a part of that marketing. Have a new listing or open house and want to draw attention to it? No problem, make a quick Ripl video. Ripl provides you with the tools to do any type of marketing at any time you need to do it. It’s seriously like having a marketing team in your pocket!

Want your business to be a case study?

If you are interested in being Ripl’s next case study, click here or email!


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