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Ripl has a brand new look!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Ripl feed

You may have noticed a major change recently – Ripl has a brand new look! With slightly different navigation on our mobile apps and a different logo, this may seem like a major change. Fear not, because we’ve saved all the features you’ve loved and just re-organized them. Here are the new changes included in our most recent update for the mobile apps:

Discover Page

If you need design inspiration, you can go to our Discover Page on our mobile apps. This is where you can find design inspirations for specific business types.

For the daily recommendations on what to post on social media, you can expect to see those back soon! Our team is currently working on making these recommendations more tailored to your business.

Ripl feed

Profile Section

The most noticeable change you’ll see is that we’ve added a profile section on the right side of our navigation bar at the bottom of your screen. The profile section is where you will find everything about your business. We have tabs for your posts, scheduled posts, drafts, and your engagements. You can also update your settings with your logo and other business information.

Ripl app


You can now adjust your settings by tapping the button in the upper corner of the Profile section. This is where you can set your business logo, custom fonts, and brand colors. This is also where you adjust which social media accounts you want to connect to Ripl.

Ripl app

Excited about these changes? Explore Ripl’s new look today – on mobile or on web!


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