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Summer social media templates for small businesses

Summer social media templates for small businesses

Reach your customers all summer long with posts that motivate them to take action. Our summer-inspired social media templates are here to help your feeds look polished and professional.

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Outside dining social media templates

Sunshine and warm temperatures brings in diners and foodies that want to enjoy meals and drinks with friends outside. Create a post that shows your outdoor dining space.

Open houses social media templates

With a hot summer housing market, use social media to get the word out about what you have available. Create posts that showcase unique features of the houses and invite them to tour it.

Outdoor events social media templates

From weddings to backyard BBQ’s, advertise your outdoor events with a post.

Summer holiday sales social media templates

Big summer sales incentivize customers to shop and snag the best deals.

Concerts and live events social media templates

Highlight bands, live performers, and other live events with a shareable post.

Back to school social media templates

As summer comes to a close, back to school shopping and preparation starts up. Create a post for sales, specials, and important updates.


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