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What is a YouTube intro video? (and 6 ideas to get started)

What is a youtube intro video? And 6 ideas to get started

When it comes to marketing in saturated markets, the care and details you put into your marketing materials are what helps you stand out and get noticed from your competition. That is where Youtube intro videos come in. These are one of those small details you can incorporate into your content to make a big difference.

YouTube intro videos are well worth the extra effort and we’re here to help make the process easy. Read on to learn more and see how you can create your own intro videos.

What is a YouTube intro video?

A YouTube intro video is exactly what it sounds likea short video placed at the beginning of a Youtube video to introduce your channel or the video content itself. Think of them like the opening credits of your video.

Some benefits of YouTube intro videos include:

  • Builds brand awareness and recognition

  • Makes your videos look more polished and professional

  • Can help build the watch time on your videos to help with the YouTube algorithm

Ripl makes it easy to create professional YouTube intro videos for your channel. Read on for 6 ideas to inspire you and tips for success.

6 Examples of YouTube intro videos

Youtube intro videos for real estate channels

With so much of the home buying process being visual, video is a great way to reach your ideal clients and get leads. Click on the examples below to start customizing the template for your video.

Introduce hot listings and use videos for home tours. Tip: feature a photo that draws interest and encourages viewers to click into the video.

YouTube intro videos also work well for evergreen content like tips, guides, and explanation videos. If featuring multiple types of videos keeping specific intro videos for different types of videos helps to visually organize your content for your viewers.

YouTube intro videos for makeup channels

Beauty channels are some of the most popular videos on YouTube and it’s easy to see why. With such an aesthetic-focused audience, eye-catching YouTube intro videos can make a big difference in your content. Click on any of the examples to customize with your own beauty looks.

Showcase a specific look or tutorial with this template. Tip: Customize with colors that complement the colors from the makeup look.

Customize this template to introduce how-to’s and product reviews. Select photos that reinforce the topic of the video.

YouTube intro videos for gaming and entertainment channels

Channels that feature gaming, movie reviews and other entertainment contain a lot of third party content, so YouTube intro videos are a great way to add your own unique flavor and build recognition for your channel.

Use multiple gaming systems? Differentiating videos with an intro video featuring the controller may work for you. If you play with a specific gaming system or style, an intro video like this which features the controller or game system will help viewers decide if it is the right video for them.

If you put out a variety of entertaining content, something more abstract like this template might be more your style. Personalize with our stock content or your own to match your aesthetic.

How create a YouTube intro video with Ripl and tips for success

All of our templates are the correct ratio for YouTube and completely customizable to fit the needs of any small business categories.

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a YouTube intro video with Ripl:

  1. Open Ripl on your phone or desktop

  2. Choose any of our pre-made YouTube intro video templates that inspire you or create your own

  3. Customize the template with music, our stock image collection, font, colors, your logo, and even your own photos

  4. Download your video and add it to the beginning of your videos

Ripl tips for intro video success:

Keep it short. The trick with intro videos is to keep it long enough for your audience to be able to read it but short enough to keep their attention and not click off the video. We recommend 10-15 seconds as a best practice.

Keep it on-brand. In order to build recognition, keep your intro videos on-brand by incorporating your brand colors and text. With Ripl, you can even include your logo. If you’re advanced, you may even consider denoting an on-going video series with a specific look so your audience looks out for new videos in the series.

Keep it simple. Don’t overload your YouTube intro video with text or details. Keep it simple and let the rest of your video do the explaining. Instead, stick with the title or introduce the video topic. If you’re ever in doubt, keep it simple.

Cross promote your videos on social media. The size feature in the Ripl app allows you to easily reformat your intro video into a social media post to share with your followers every time a new video is uploaded. This gives more utility to your content and further increases brand recognition.


For video content inspiration, check out our 7 video ideas for your social media marketing.


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