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20 music picks for your video

Updated: Oct 6, 2020


Here at Ripl, we’re constantly updating and improving our Ripl Pro music library. We want you to have the perfect music for your videos, while also making sure the music we provide won’t cause you to run into copyright issues on social media. We’ve made some major music swaps over the past few weeks to update our music catalog.

We asked our staff to pick some of their favorites from the new music catalog. They’re sorted in alphabetical order below! Each entry lists the category, followed by the song title.

Chill: Beach House Country: Endless Emergence Country: Square Stepping EDM: Lost In The Moment EDM: Million Faces EDM: Whatever You Give Hip Hop: The Fever Hip Hop: Trap Attack Inspirational: Corporate Horizons Inspirational: Johnny Wallflower Jazz: Money In The Tip Jar Jazz: Subway Slam Nature: Peaceful Dreamer Pop: Faithful Positive: Buttercup Bearhugs Positive: Funky Freeway Retro: 80s First Step Rock: Here You Are Rock: Sunbeamed World: El Resplandor Del Sol

To listen to our music recommendations or find other favorites in our music collection, you can visit our app. Find the perfect song for your video today!


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