25 days of social media best practices for small businesses during the holiday season

25 days of social media best practices for small businesses during the holiday season

The holidays are finally here! We know it's a super busy time of year, especially for small business owners like yourself. It may seem overwhelming, but it's worth it to set some time aside to focus on your holiday social media strategy.

To help you out, we've compiled 25 days of social media best practices for your small business to implement during this holiday season. Try a fewor all!of them out to look professional and spread some much needed holiday cheer this year.

1. Always define your goals

Without goals, how do you know how to approach marketing on social media for your small business? Set some goals for the holiday season and make sure you revisit them regularly.

2. Make sure you know who your audience is

Determine who your target audience is so you can best market to them on social media. What's their age, what do they do in their spare time, and where do they live? Once you nail down your target audience, you can start marketing to them on social media this holiday season.

3. Scope out what the competition is doing on social media

Do a little light stalking and find out what types of social media efforts you're competing with, then use it as inspiration to level up your own social media.

4. Social listening is your friend

You should be monitoring your brand mentions, what people are saying about your type of product or service, and any hashtags you own or use regularly.

5. Define your brand if you haven't already

Figure out your logo, brand colors, fonts but also tone and voice on social media. Then, stay consistent.

6. Run a holiday contest or giveaway

Running a holiday contest is a great way to interact with and engage your customers on social media. Thinking of running one? There's a ton that goes into it! Learn how to run a holiday contest or giveaway with this 10 step guide.

7. Refer to your content calendar

Your content calendar is your guide to social media. Plan it out ahead of time and reference it regularly. It makes everything easier, especially during the busy holiday season!

8. Schedule posts in advance to save time and brainpower

Ripl has a scheduling tool. Use it. Seriously. Trust us.

If you need convincing: read this article about the importance of scheduling your social media posts during the holidays.

9. Try posting some UGC

User generated content is basically free content you don't have to work for. Got it? Use it! Highlight customer posts about your product or brand on your own social accounts this holiday season. Bonus points for sharing super festive content!

10. Optimize those profiles

Your bios should be fully filled out and optimized! Don't know what we're talking about? Follow these links:

Facebook social icon

Optimize your Facebook page

Instagram social icon