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6 ways to market your travel and vacation business on social media

Ways to market your travel and vacation business on social media

After so much time spent working from home and experiencing social isolation, vacation seems to be on the top of most people’s minds.

As a visual platform, social media is the perfect place to focus your marketing efforts. If you're a travel or vacation business, keep reading for tips on how to create stunning social posts that will get folks to book with you on their next adventure.

1. Share a travel guide: social media tips & templates

If you are a travel blogger or travel agency, use social media to share your travel guides and tips. These types of posts can drive traffic to your blog or website, and build a strong community of followers that trust you.

The possibilities are endless but here are some guide ideas to get started:

  • How to plan for a vacation

  • Packing hacks

  • How to find the best flight deals

  • The best restaurants in a state or city

Tip: To create guides that give the most value to your followers, refer to your most commonly asked questions, or ask them what they need help with!

2. Inspire wanderlust: social media tips & templates

To heighten interest in travel even more, share posts that create a sense of wanderlust in your followers. Not only are wanderlust posts inspirational, they are very shareable and can help build your following.

The ultimate goal of creating wanderlust posts is to help guests envision themselves staying at your rental. When sharing wanderlust posts, highlight features that make your property especially unique and worthy of booking.

Decide what features make you unique, and use those as the focal point of your posts. This could be anything from being located in a quiet, serene setting, to being located in a foodie’s paradise amongst tasty restaurants and bars.

3. Share your vacation rentals: social media tips & templates

Keeping your content up-to-date with your rental listings is an important part of marketing your travel and vacation business on social media. Get inspired by Airbnb’s new features to create your own content and add thorough details to help guests know what to expect from your space.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Post high-quality photos and captions. High-quality photos attract guests. Once the photos bring them in, fill in the blanks with captions about specifications on what they’re seeing. For example, you could include the number of bedrooms, amenities, and accessibility.

  2. Highlight the details. Unique touches and small details can make a big difference in having someone book your space over another. Use your posts to highlight features like views, Netflix, or proximity to local landmarks.

  3. Share your reviews. Create posts from your online reviews on Airbnb or VRBO accounts.

  4. Reshare previous guests’ posts. Encourage guests to tag you in their own social media posts. This helps to build trust and credibility.

  5. How you’re keeping it clean. In light of health and safety concerns that have arisen from the pandemic, it is a best practice to highlight your cleaning and sanitation standards.

Putting your rental on social media offers an opportunity to show more aspects of your home and connect with customers who may not have otherwise found your rental.

4. Promote work-from-home rentals: social media tips & templates

With the pandemic turning many homes into makeshift offices, the demand for alternative work from home spaces went up. Hop on the trend by highlighting why your vacation rental is an ideal place for both work and play.

Here are features to include in your content when marketing your space to attract the WFH crowd looking for a new office space:

  • Wifi

  • Views

  • Proximity to the city

  • Nearby activities to unwind

Bonus: To encourage repeat customers, consider offering extended stay discounts and refer-a-friend or co-working discounts.

5. Try a giveaway: social media tips & templates

Giveaways are a more exciting way to build brand awareness, gain new followers, and re-engage existing followers.

Host a giveaway for occasions like:

  • Celebrating reopening

  • Business milestones

  • Giveaway package in partnership with other small businesses

Before launching any giveaways on social media, make sure you check the social platforms terms and conditions for contests to ensure you aren’t violating any rules. Here are the links for Facebook and Instagram.

6. Create a neighborhood guide: social media tips & templates

When customers choose to book a home rental like Airbnb or VRBO instead of a hotel, it’s because they are interested in experiencing a more immersive stay where they can feel like a local.

Providing a neighborhood guide is a great way to not only attract visitors to your rental, but to be a courteous host and get good reviews.

When creating neighborhood guides, give your guests the inside scoop on what small and family-owned businesses are around. Discovering the small shops, cafes, and boutiques can make them feel like they are having a more unique experience, while also supporting small biz!


For more marketing tips, read how to drive sales using social media.


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