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How to build your brand with Ripl

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Having a recognizable brand on social media can increase visibility, grow awareness, and even boost your bottom line! Ripl has built in tools to help your small business better brand itself. With these tools you can create a consistent and elegant social media presence to grow your business. Once you have uploaded your brand logo, colors, and fonts every Ripl design will automatically be customized for your business. So here are three ways you can use Ripl features to build your brand on social media!

unleash your brand

1. Add your Logo

The easiest way to build your brand on social media is by uploading your logo to Ripl. To do this click the three lines in the upper right corner, then choose “Business Profile Settings” scroll down to upload logo and choose your logo from your camera roll.

Ripl app

2. Upload your Brand Colors

In your business profile setting you can also add your business’ brand colors. This will help create a consistent look with your posts no matter what design you choose!

For this example my brand colors are baby blue and white so I type into the brand color “89cff0” for baby blue and “ffffff” for white.

color picker

3. Add your Brand Font

Another Ripl Pro feature is the ability to use your brand’s font. This is also possible by going to your business profile settings. The scroll down to fonts and add your Primary and Secondary Font choices. Check out the video to check out another way to improve your posts with Ripl.

Ripl app


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