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How to use an Instagram Shop to increase sales

Instagram Shops are a must-have for businesses looking to make sales from Instagram. It is the perfect tool for sharing products, curated collections, and exclusive sales with your community.

We’ve created this easy guide to learn more about Instagram Shopping and what you can do to optimize your Instagram Shop for your business.

What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping is a feature that helps your business overcome the notorious hurdle of customers needing to leave Instagram to shop with you.

Instead of having to leave the app and go to your website, they can easily shop your business's photos and videos—all on Instagram. Think of it as a digital storefront for people to discover your business, see your products, and make a purchase!

Learn how to create an Instagram Shop in this how-to post.

3 ways people can shop your products on Instagram

After you create an Instagram Shop, you can access three special features that help customers discover and purchase your products directly from Instagram.

1) Collections

Collections let businesses curate the shopping experience for their Shop. Use this feature to group products by themes, like special collections, sale items or seasonal product groups, to build your brand and tell a story in your shop.

2) Product tags

Product tags allow you to highlight products from your shop directly in feed posts, Stories and Reels by adding a tag to link directly to the product in your content.

Add product tags to all of your content so people can discover and shop from your business, no matter where they are spending time in the app. US businesses using checkout on Instagram can also mention their products in post captions and profile bios.

3) In-app checkout

You can sell your products directly on Instagram with an Instagram Shop. New customers can securely purchase products from you without having to leave the app.

How to get more sales from Instagram Shopping

People are already looking to discover and research your business on Instagram and now it’s becoming a shopping destination. Nearly half of people say they use Instagram to shop weekly, according to a survey conducted by Facebook.

Here are three ways you can strategically use the features to make it easier for customers to discover and purchase your products directly from Instagram.

Create gift guides - Use product tags in carousel posts and Reels that feature products for different budgets or specific needs

Use your Stories to promote your products - Stories are easy to create and a great way to stay top of mind with your customers and get more eyes on your products. Showcase your products by tagging them in your Stories

Encourage customers to create wishlists using the save feature - People can save posts with products they like so that they can remember them for later. Use your caption to encourage saves on posts with your products and tell them to create a personal Wish List

Instagram shopping templates to increase sales