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November small business and social media industry news

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Get your monthly dose of social media industry news and small business news, all in one place.

This article is updated weekly during the month of November.

Twitter launches "Fleets"

You can now move out of the feed on Twitter with Fleets, a story-like feature released this month.

Twitter launches carousel ads

The popular social media platform announced the introduction of carousel ads in early November. You can now add up to six images or videos per ad.

TikTok released a holiday playbook for small business

Have you considered marketing your small business on TikTok? Well, the popular video social network has released a guide for small businesses with a recommended approach to marketing on their platform.

Instagram updated its app... and people are hating it

Following the usual trend of users initially hating major app updates, Instagram released an update this month moving the Reels and Shopping icons into spots that were originally home to the new post and notifications spots.

Instagram launches more branded content capabilities

Instagram has added branded content tags to both Reels and Live, which allows creators and influencers to generate revenue using these features.

Instagram released a keyword search capability

You can now search keywords on Instagram from the search bar, instead of just accounts, hashtags, and locations.

Instagram releases Guides feature to all users

Initially, the "Guides" feature on Instagram was limited to a select group of creators. Now, this feature, which allows users to share resources, tips, and long form content, is available to all users.

Instagram adding shoppable features on IGTV and Reels

Just in time for the holidays, Instagram is introducing new shoppable features to IGTV and soon to its Tik Tok competitor, Reels. This supports Instagram's intention to make shopping a core part of it's platform.

Instagram extends its live stream time limit

Announced at the end of October, Instagram has extended its live stream length limit from 60 minutes to four hours.

Facebook releases a guide for shops during the holiday

Read through several creative ideas on merchandising and boosting sales for your Facebook shop over the holiday season.

Facebook updated their State of Small Business Report

The fifth edition of the report was released this month, and provides data and insights on how small businesses are faring during the pandemic and consequential economic downturn.

Facebook experimenting with up and down voting... again

Facebook is testing up and downvotes on user comments. The purpose is for users to give feedback about whether a comment is valuable to the group.

Pinterest releases holiday gift guide

The holidays are coming up fast! Pinterest just released their holiday gift guide for 2020, a shoppable series of collections featuring this year's most searched gifts on the platform.

LinkedIn publishes Transparency Report

LinkedIn announced the release of its Transparency Report, covering the first six months of 2020. It includes information on data privacy and protection on the platform.

Apple announces App Store Small Business Program

Launching January 1st, 2021, the App Store Small Business Program will cut fees in half for small businesses and smaller software developers that sell apps in the App Store.


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