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Post ideas for when you're in a content rut

Post ideas for when you're in a content rut

With the constant pressure to post fresh content to stay top of mind for your followers, coming up with post ideas can be overwhelming. Luckily, there is no shortage of content you can share with your followers.

Here are some post ideas for when you’re in a content rut and some Ripl templates you can use in your own social media marketing.


Posts are persistent on your profile page and people may go there to get a sense of your product, your values, and overall aesthetic. With that said, deciding what to post requires some forethought and strategy behind it.

This is especially true when considering what to post on a platform like Instagram because you want to pay attention to how the posts appear in the grid under your bio. The top nine posts are visible on your profile without scrolling, so it’s good practice to make sure your top nine are a good representation of what your business is all about so new followers can see it at a glance.

Customer testimonial post ideas

When was the last time you shared a customer testimonial to your feed? For some business owners, these types of posts may feel self-serving or bragging but trust us, they serve a purpose for your followers! Customers like seeing them and use them as a tool for deciding if they want to purchase with you or not. 57% of consumers say that good reviews help them trust a brand more.

When sharing customer testimonial posts, choose ones that are related to any common customer pain points you’ve helped solve to reassure potential clients that they're making the right decision by choosing your business.

Wonderbly shares an eye-catching customer testimonial to their feed that shows why their customers enjoy their product.

The Pioneer Collective uses a testimonial to showcase the versatility of their space.

Click to customize a customer testimonial template for your business:

This or that post ideas

If you want to get some engagement in the comments section of your posts, a “this or that” post can encourage your followers to comment. By turning your post into a game of sorts, this or that encourages fun back and forth interaction between you and your followers.

This or that posts also work because people love sharing their opinions. This format makes it easy to give feedback and feel like their voices are heard.

Try comparing two popular examples relevant to your industry. Fun posts like these can turn into a recurring series on your profile that your followers look forward to.

Here is an example of how Best Realty Team uses a this or that post to engage real estate clients.

People have strong opinions about food so let them share! ifiGOURMET shares a fun example that restaurants and bakeries could try with their followers.

Create your own this or that post today:

Quote post ideas

Quote posts are a reliable way to inspire your audience as they scroll through their social feeds. When trying to decide which quote to share, look to leaders in your industry and public figures you and your audience admires.

Tip: Encourage your followers to share your post to their stories to increase your post reach.

Faye Rowland Realtor shares an inspiring house-related quote to inspire her followers.

The Mom Project shares an empowering quote from Reese Witherspoon on motherhood.

Click to customize our quote templates to fit your brand:

Tips and how-to post ideas

Helpful information for your followers is always welcomed! Showcase your knowledge and expertise by sharing helpful tips and how-to’s. If you’re unsure what type of tip to share, start with answering some of the most common questions you get from customers in your inbox and while helping them.

Tip: Try sharing a tip that allows your followers to get a quick win. This helps solidify your expertise.

Ollie shares a helpful tip for pet owners that inspires action.

Alternatively to putting the tip in your graphic, you can also use caption space. Social Curators shares a post that drives you to the caption to get a more in-depth tip.

Use our template to share your own tips and how to’s:


Facebook and Instagram stories have a short shelf life, staying up for 24 hours. This gives you the freedom to show more of the personal side of your business and life and allows you to not be as curated as you would want to be on feed. Use this to your advantage to be more authentic with your followers.

Here are some content ideas to take your stories up a notch.

Sneak peek or teaser Instagram story ideas

One of the best things you can do leading up to a launch is build anticipation. Using sneak peeks and teasers on your stories is a great way to get your audience excited about what’s coming up.

Ideas if you sell physical products or food:

  • Close up of the texture of the ingredient or material

  • The beginning stages of creating the product

  • Packaging for the new product

Ideas if you sell a service:

  • Share your passion behind a new service you’re launching

  • Share how you decided to create an offer

  • Show your favorite resources

Vintage clothing store, Lucky Dry Goods shares a close up of the details of a garment before revealing the whole dress.

Use these templates to share a sneak peek with your own customers:

Poll or question Instagram story ideas

If you’re in a rut for what to post in stories, using polls and questions in your stories is a great way to have direct interaction with your audience.

Get creative with your stories and use them for things like:

  • Market research to figure out what your customers want to see from you

  • Learn more about how they use your product

  • Let them have input on your next offering

  • Incorporate with a sneak peak and let them guess what it is

Skincare company cocokind used a question box to learn more about their audience and see how they used one of their products.

Instagram story of skincare product with Instagram question box

Create your own branded stories with our templates. Simply download and add your engagement stickers once you’re in the app!

Flash sale Instagram story ideas

Reward your customers that follow you by offering them something exclusive with a flash sale or limited offer. This incentivizes them to keep following you and shows your appreciation that they do!

Tip: Try using this with limited stock items. Don’t forget to update your stories when you’re sold out to create a sense of urgency for future flash sales.

The Flour Box has a great example of the power of flash sales on stories. Not only do they provide details on what's available but also give an update when they're sold out.

Customize these templates to share your own sales and limited offers:


We hope the next time you’re in a content rut these ideas inspire you. For more ideas, check out 7 Ideas for using video in your social media marketing.

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