Top 4 SEO techniques to use in social media marketing

Social media marketing may not directly impact your SEO ranking, but it will help increase your brand exposure. And more often than not, the best ranking pages on search engines are those with more social shares.

The same applies when you use specific SEO techniques for your social media marketing efforts. They increase your brand awareness using social channels, thus bringing more traffic to your website. Read on for details about what SEO techniques to use in social marketing to boost your website’s overall ranking and gain more traffic.

Google scraping and keywords

The SEO techniques you apply to your social marketing are similar to those you use for your website. Google scraping is one since social media still heavily relies on keywords.

Scraping means getting those keywords that are most relevant for your business.

Social media search engines boost posts based on how quickly they become popular, but they need the help of keywords to find your posts in the first place.

To decide what keywords you wish to rank for and us