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How to keep your customers engaged on social media during summer

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

How to keep your customers engaged on social.

Summer is here! It’s the time to be outside enjoying the sun and socializing with friends face-to-face, and having interactions with folks via social media can feel increasingly difficult. More time on vacation means more time away from screens and phones—which can lead to lower engagement rates.

To help offset the summer social media slump, we have four ideas for you to incorporate into your social media marketing.

Create posts that show how you can help them enjoy summer

More and more people are getting outside and enjoying one another’s company. Sure, this is great for mental health, but it can make getting engagement on social media more tricky. To remedy this, create posts that showcase your offers - these should align with what your customers want, or support what they’re looking to do.

For example, restaurants may want to highlight their outdoor seating or happy hour specials. Real estate agents can feature yard size and gathering spaces. Retail businesses can create posts that show how using their products can make summer more enjoyable.

Share fun and interactive posts

When your followers are on their phones, you want to make sure whatever you share stands out. To ensure your posts are catching your follower’s attention and getting engagement, make them fun, light-hearted, and interactive.

  • Ask questions

  • Post a quiz or test their knowledge

  • Host an “ask me anything”

  • Post a “this or that?” type of post

  • Hold a contest or giveaway

  • Ask them to tag a friend

These types of posts encourage conversation, so make sure you are interacting with the messages and comments you receive on your posts to nurture your community.

Celebrate summer holidays

Starting with Memorial Day as a kick-off to summer, the season is jam-packed with holidays and reasons to celebrate. For post inspiration, our content calendars are here to help you track important dates and holidays and create a post to celebrate.

Check out our current calendars for summer here:

In addition to holidays, summer also means special events. These are great opportunities to share your customers' excitement around these events.

Here are some special events to create social media posts for:

  • Summer games/tournaments

  • Summer concerts

  • Block parties

  • Back to school

Hold a promotion

Who doesn’t love saving money? The anticipation of summer sales and discounts is another great way to keep your customers on your social media and get them excited to engage with your posts.

To get more from your efforts, make sure you’re using features like Instagram stories and Reels to get more eyes on your sales.

Check out our post posts to help you with your summer marketing:


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